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Person writing at desk teleworking.

Montgomery County Government (MCG) is pleased to offer the Telework Program

The goals of the program are to increase employee productivity and morale, and support MCG's vision to provide a sustainable, greener work environment for the future.

MCG employees are eligible to apply for the Telework Program if their department participates in the program, except for the following groups: IAFF members, FOP members, and uniformed personnel in the public safety cluster. The number of days per week/month that employees may telework is subject to management discretion based on the operating needs of the employing department. For further details concerning eligibility, refer to the Telework Policies and Procedures document. To apply, please refer to the Forms, Training and Tests tab for the application materials and required training and assessment.

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General Information

Technology-Related Matters

Inclement Weather

Payslip Information

Scheduling Issues

Communication Tips

Telework Forms

Important: To complete the fillable forms below, be sure to download them to your computer - they are not "fillable" until you do so.

Training and Test Information

To participate (or supervise teleworkers) in the Telework Program, you must watch the applicable training videos and complete the test described below. 

Participant (Employee) Telework Training

Supervisor/Manager/HR Liaison/POC Telework Training


Testing for Employees

Before beginning to telework, please complete the Telework Training for Participants Skills Assessment. To access the test, follow the steps below. 

Testing for Supervisors/Managers/POCs/HR Liaisons

Please complete the  Telework Training for Managers Skills Assessment
To access the test, follow the steps below. 

Test Access

  1. Log in to  AccessMCG Single Sign On
  2. Click Employee Self-Service.
  3. Click Go to Employee Self -Service.
  4. Click Learner Home.
  5. At the top left of the screen, find the Search bar.
  6. If not already selected, choose Class in the drop-down menu (next to Search).
  7. In the blank search field, type  telework and click Go.
  8. From the list, select the applicable training ( Telework Training for Managers Skills Assessment or Telework Training for Participants Skills Assessment).
  9. Click Enroll.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Return to your Learner Home page; you will find the assessment under Enrollments.
  12. Click Play, and then follow the system instructions.

Resources – Technical Support

Resources – Timekeeping Support

Resources – HR and Other General Support

Have additional telework questions? First, contact your department's Telework Point of Contact (POC):
If you need further assistance, these additional resources are available:
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