Complaint Types

Auto Complaints

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) handles virtually all types of complaints involving automobiles such as: sales, repairs, leasing, rentals, warranties, and towing.  While we are not empowered to enforce Maryland's Lemon Law, we have been able to assist many owners of problem new cars in getting their cars repaired or replaced.  Two of OCP's automotive investigators are certified master automotive technicians who are competent in dealing with technical repair issues.  When filing your complaint, please include sale or lease contracts, repair invoices, rental contracts, warranty documents or towing invoices as appropriate.

Retail Sales & Service Complaints

OCP handles complaints involving general products or services which consumers purchase or have repaired.  Examples of these types of complaints include: computer hardware and software; televisions; stereo equipment; clothing; household appliances and furniture; health spa memberships; driving schools; vocational schools; mail orders; telemarketing and moving companies.  When filing your complaint, please include receipts, invoices, warranty documents, contracts or letters written to/from the merchant as appropriate.

New Home Sales and Home Improvement Complaints

OCP's Real Property Unit investigates complaints involving new home builders as well as home improvement complaints.  Montgomery County Code Chapter 31C requires a new home builder to be licensed before entering into a contract to construct a new home and to provide the new home purchaser with a warranty.  This warranty must cover against defects in materials and workmanship.  Any builder who fails to comply with this law is subject to a civil fine and other enforcement action.  New home buyers are also entitled to an inspection of the home before going to settlement.  When filing a new home complaint, please include a copy of the entire sales contract including any warranty information provided by the builder.  When filing a home improvement complaint please include copies of any invoices or contracts.


FORMULARIO DE QUEJA DE CONSUMIDOR (Spanish Language Complaint Form)