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Welcome to the Public Election Fund. The Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection is the official liaison to assist candidates running for office with operational and logistical questions regarding the Public Election Fund application process.

About Montgomery County, Maryland’s Public Election Fund

Montgomery County, Maryland’s Public Election Fund (“PEF”) is a public campaign financing program established to encourage greater voter participation in County elections, increase opportunities for more residents to run for office, and reduce the influence of large contributions from businesses, political action groups, and other large organizations.

The County adopted legislation in 2014 which established the PEF in January of 2015 for the 2018 election cycle. While many jurisdictions throughout the Country have a public campaign finance program, Montgomery County is the first County in the United States to have a public campaign finance program for a local election. During the 2018 election cycle, there were 68 candidates who appeared on the 2018 County Council and County Executive election ballots, 40 of those candidates filed an intent to participate in the program with 23 candidates qualifying for the Program and receiving approximately $5.25 million in matching public funds. Of the 10 elected offices eligible to participate in the PEF program, seven of those offices were attained by a candidate who participated in the program, including the highest elected office of County Executive.

Montgomery County’s Department of Finance earned a 2019 Achievement Award for outstanding programs. The award was presented by the National Association of Counties (NACo) to recognize efforts by local jurisdictions that promote responsible, responsive and effective county government.

Before you get started with the Public Election Fund Process, we invite you to read our Public Election Fund Playbook.

How Can Our Office (Office of Consumer Protection) Help You?

The Office of Consumer Protection - This office will is serving as the liaison for the Public Election Fund. This means our office is here to assist you with answering any questions regarding the Public Election Fund.

Roles and Responsibilities

Office of Consumer Protection - This office will assist applicants with questions regarding the Public Election Fund. Our team also known as the Public Election Fund Liaison is here to support you along your journey.

Department of Finance - This office will assist applicants with finances associated with the fund a candidate has filed and is approved by state.

Maryland State Government - Maryland State Government, manages the online Maryland Campaign Reporting Information System and registration process. If applicants are having technical issues with the application portal they should contact Maryland State Government’s customer support

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How can our team help you?

Still have questions regarding the Public Election Fund? Our office is here to help! Please use this Contact form. Our office will get back to you within 3 business days with a response to your question via email or a request for an appointment as needed. If you would like to invite the Public Election Liaison to speak at a program, please use the Speaker Request form.