Goldsboro Road SW/BW

This project provides for a facility planning Phase II study to develop preliminary design (35% level of completion) of bike and pedestrian facilities for a one-mile section of Goldsboro Road between MacArthur Boulevard and River Road. The project proposes two 11-foot travel lanes, sidewalk, and a 5-foot minimum one-way separated bike lane in each direction. At the intersection with MacArthur Boulevard, a 4-foot bikeable shoulder and an 8-foot minimum shared use path has been proposed along the east side of the circle. The existing pedestrian bridge over Minnehaha Branch on the south side of Goldsboro Road near Wedgewood Road is also proposed to be replaced.

  • Facility Planning Phase II Study Start Date: February 2015
  • Facility Planning Phase II Study Completed Date: March 2019

John B. "JT" Thomas, Planning Manager
Montgomery County Department of Transportation
Division of Transportation Engineering
100 Edison Park Drive, 4th Floor
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878
Phone: 240-777-7240