2023 Montgomery County Vacuum Leaf Collection Program

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The Leaf Collection District is generally south of Bel Pre Road, east of I-270/I-495 and west of New Hampshire Avenue, to the District line.

Collection Schedule

The Leaf Collection Program includes 2 pick-ups. It continues for 6 to 8 weeks.

This collection Is made
Collection 1 Early November
Collection 2 Beginning of December, depending on weather conditions.

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Missed leaf collections

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Remember, your leaves can also be collected in regular, weekly recycling collections if you place them at the curb in paper lawn bags or reusable containers. All leaves collected, whether by recycle truck, leaf vacuuming or dropped off at the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station, are recycled into a product called LeafGro. Leaf Gro is available at many garden centers.

Sign Posting

We will post signs throughout your neighborhood several days before each collection. Sign posting in neighborhoods begins in late October. We try to allow a weekend for you to rake your leaves to the edge of the road for vacuum pick up. Due to short staffing this year, the signs will remain up until the end of the second collection. To check if your street has been completed, please use the address lookup feature.

The signs will display your Leafing Area (examples: 1A, 4B, 15C).

Green neighborhood sign - older style

Yellow neighborhood sign - newer style

Make leaf piles at the curb

Put your leaves at the curb, out of the street. For homes where the sidewalk abuts the curb, place leaves on your lawn as close as possible to the sidewalk edge.

Our crews can get to your leaves that are placed on the grass. If any grass discolors, this is temporary because grass is dormant at this time of year.


  • sticks or other debris in your piles.
  • plastic bags. We cannot collect leaves in plastic bags.
  • parked vehicles near leaf piles.
Yes! Proper placement of leaf piles. (Photo of leaves at the curb and out of the street) No! Please do not place leaf piles in the street. (Photo of leaf pile in the street)

Keep piles off the street

Leaf piles in streets can cause

  • Car fires, when cars park over leaves, and their extremely hot catalytic converters ignite dry leaves.
  • Flooding, when leaves clog storm drains and ditches.
  • Narrowed streets, dangerous for driving and parking. In neighborhoods without sidewalks, narrow streets are dangerous for pedestrians, too.
  • Slippery streets, dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians.

Help snow plow drivers

Sometimes, it snows during the leaf collection season. Having streets free of leaf piles helps our snow plows clear your streets more quickly and easily.

Snow-covered leaf piles in streets become frozen to the roadway surface. The piles can also become very heavy. This makes it difficult for snow plows to move them. Snow plow drivers may also mistake snow-covered leaf pile for snow, spreading the leaves all over the street. Residents then have a difficult time raking these scattered leaves back up.

If your home is not in the Leaf Collection District

Learn how to get your community included in the Leaf Collection Program.



Other methods to handle leaves

Many residents can leave the leaves where they fall, providing natural habitats for beneficial insects. The leaves begin a slow, natural, in-place composting process when left in place.

Also, mowing over the leaves can break them up into tiny pieces that can filter into the grass, providing much -needed nutrients as they break down. If there are too many leaves for that method, you could collect and compost leaves in your own yard. The County's Department of Environmental Protection has the how-to information here.

You can also place excess leaves in paper yard-trim bags or containers for the weekly Recycle truck to collect.

Finally, residents could choose to transport the leaves themselves to the Recycling Center at the Shady Grove Processing Facility and Transfer Station.

More information about yard trim disposal can be found here.

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