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Amy, age 32

It doesn’t matter who you are, how educated you are, or how financially secure you are, it can happen to you. I am a trained trauma therapist and abuse was still in my life.

In my situation, due to my abuser being a white male with a high-security clearance, I felt the cards were stacked against me as a black female. Someone walking in my shoes would have felt panic, terror, fear, gaslit, self-doubt.

I first went to the Family Justice Center in 2017 for support in getting a protective order against a few days after giving birth to my youngest child. It was my therapy sessions that finally started my path to healing. Those sessions were mine alone. My abuser did not have his fingerprints on them and was not able to take this safety net from me.

Today, I am more secure and steady with who I am. I have learned to love and care for myself, and look for the parts of me that had disappeared.

If someone shares their abuse with you, believe them. This is not something they are sharing on a whim. They are reaching out and they are trusting you, perhaps, 
with their life.

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