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Tomas, age 22

After coming out to my parents when I was 17, my relationship with them became very strained. I got through college more or less on my own and got an office job shortly after graduating. I starting dating this guy and fell in love very quickly. All of the care and support I had been missing from my family, I thought I had found in him. 

Things turned bad when I noticed how much partying he did. Alcohol, drugs, you name it. I didn’t like who he became when he was drunk or high. He would say horrible things to me but would apologize when he was sober. Then it started happening when he was sober too. He demanded to see my phone constantly and accused me of cheating. I had a good job and he was unemployed so he was always spending my money. When I questioned him about it he would fly into a rage and accuse me of not being a supportive boyfriend, triggering all of my family-related insecurities. One night, he was so drunk and angry he actually hit me. At that moment it was like a spell had been lifted. I was done working so hard at my job every day to support someone who made me feel worthless. I got a Protective Order, I’m seeing a counselor and I’m in a really good place now.  

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