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Visit our Locations page for information on free, in-person legal clinics at our offices.   If you cannot find what you're looking for from the information below, call us at (240) 777-4940 (Mon to Fri, 9am—5pm) or visit us at one of our locations to ask about programs that can help you.

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    In addition to using the icons above, you can also use these tools to find free and low-cost legal services, as well as private attorneys.
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    Learn how to get a free legal consultation in different areas of law and get your questions answered.
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    Learn about different legal topics.  Includes instructional videos and brochures in English and Spanish.

Be sure to go to a reputable attorney and beware of fraud

Nonprofit organizations provide free or low-cost services to low-income residents. Each organization has their own eligibility requirements, and may have limited capacity to take new cases. If you are not able to find a nonprofit organization to take your case, you may need to hire a private attorney and pay for services. Be sure to go to a reputable attorney and beware of fraud. You can find a nonprofit organization and/or a licensed private attorney using the icons above or the resources in our  Legal Services Search Tools page.