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Automotive Recalls

A car recall is a manufacturer's effort to identify and repair a known product defect.  Recalls can be voluntary or can be initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).   Whenever a safety defect is discovered, the manufacturer is required to correct the problem, free of charge to owners by repairing, replacing or repurchasing the car in question.

I received a recall notice, what should I do?  If you receive a recall notice, follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to have the problem repaired.  The manufacturer will repair the problem at no cost to you.

I am not the original owner, what should I do about a recall?  When you purchase a used car, you should contact the manufacturer to give them your contact information.  This will ensure that you receive timely recall notices.  You remain eligible for no cost recall repairs for 8 years from the original sale date of your vehicle.  Even if you are not the original owner, you will still qualify for no cost recall repairs.

How do I find out about recalls on my car? You can search the NHTSA's website for recalls, complaints, and service bulletins.  Service bulletins or technical service bulletins (TSBs) are sent to car dealerships to help mechanics in troubleshooting problems that may be annoying but are not safety hazards.