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Keeping up with airline policies can be as time-consuming as planning a vacation!  Many airlines have different policies regarding unaccompanied minors, postponed or cancelled flights, checked luggage fees/requirements, lost/damaged luggage, ticket changes, pets, etc. It is important for travelers to check with the specific airlines involved in their trips, especially if your trip requires multiple carriers. Be sure to read the airline policies before you purchase a ticket!  If you used a travel agent, they may be able to assist you with cancellations, refund requests and rebookings. If you used an online booking website, you should first contact the booking company to determine if your cancellation and rebooking requests should go though them.   


There are two types of insurance available for your travel, "Cancel for Any Reason" (CFAR) or general travel insurance.  The CFAR policies, as it implies, allows you to cancel the trip for any reason.  Non-CFAR policies have very specific circumstances under which they will pay if you decide to cancel or interrupt your trip. The recent pandemic may not be one of the specific circumstances covered by the policy.  It is important to read the documentation to know what your policy covers and does not cover.


TSA Requirements, Tips and Resources. Tthose with disabilities or medical conditions may call TSA Cares, toll free, at 1-855-787-2227.

Dept. of Transportation: General Tips and Flying Rights 

Federal Aviation Administration: General Travel Tips

Master List of All International Airline Coronavirus Change and Cancellation Policies