Disclosure of Merchant Complaint Records

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We encourage you to follow these tips when searching our complaint records:

  • The "Company Name" field includes built-in "wild card" characters at the beginning and end of the name entered.  For example, when you search for "blinds", the results will automatically display "Blinds To Go," "Next Day Blinds,", etc.
  • Searches work best when only one word from the Company Name is entered.
  • Do NOT use apostrophes in a name, instead of entering "Kenny's" use "Kenny" as a wildcard.
  • After you enter part of the Company Name, click on "Search" to display records.
  • When searching for a Company that has more than one location or franchise locations, multiple records for that Company may be displayed.  Search results may sometimes include a record with the address of the Company's corporate headquarters.  The address is displayed to help consumers correctly identify the Company.
Closing Code
100 Complaint Resolved (The merchant's settlement offer or explanation was accepted by the consumer.)
200 Complaint Unresolved (The merchant's settlement offer or explanation was not accepted by the consumer, or the merchant failed to make any settlement offer or explanation.)
400 Legal Action (OCP has made a determination that there are reasonable grounds to believe a law violation has occurred and has either transmitted the matter to the county attorney for legal action or settled the matter with a legally binding Settlement Agreement.)
600 Consumer Remarks (A complaint was filed by a consumer for informational purposes only. No investigation was conducted.)
Pend   A complaint is pending.

Please contact OCP by calling 240.777.3636 or by email at  [email protected] if you have any questions about the information presented on the Disclosure of Merchant Complaint Records page.