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Looking for your first job?

A focus on youth development provides the framework for the TeenWorks program. TeenWorks employees are provided mentorship and support by career professionals as they navigate through their first job. In addition, TeenWorks engage in job readiness training with ongoing skill building workshops and experiences. And - TeenWorks employees earn minimum wage.

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Teens are employed by Montgomery County Recreation and placed in public sector and non-profit jobs throughout the County. TeenWorks employees can work up to 4 hours each weekday or 8 hours on weekend days, during the school year. They are placed in meaningful work roles, which allow them to develop critical, marketable skills. TeenWorks opens the door to experiential learning opportunities and facilitates connections to valuable community resources.


TeenWorks employees must:

  • Be a Montgomery County resident, high school student and at least 15 years old.
  • Complete the interest form. This connects you to the team that can support you through the process.
  • Attend a TeenWorks employee information session, complete employment application IRC59560 and interview.
  • Have consent of a parent/guardian to be employed in this program.



What’s the difference between getting a job and gaining meaningful experience? It’s all about finding a position that allows you to grow.