Information on Scam Phone Calls



Listed below are the most recent names and phone numbers that the scammers are currently using.

Please keep in mind that these criminals are constantly changing cell numbers and aliases. This list is not exhaustive, just because the number isn't listed here on this website does not mean that the suspicious call you have recieved is legitimate. Law Enforcement Officers will NEVER ask you for money, pre-paid cards or financial information over the phone. These scammers are also monitoring Law Enforcement websites and when they see that one of their numbers/aliases has been compromised, they will switch to another one.

Currently, scammers are attempting to extort residents out of money under several false names. There are many scams currenlty active. One of the most prevalent scams in Montgomery County invovles fake arrest warrants for "failure to report for jury service"

The first subject is using the name of "Lt. Avery Michaels" or Ms. Franklin and he has been calling from a phone number of 240-583-1195 or 240-794-4845 or 202-222-8968.

The second subject is using the name of Lt. Greg Allen badge #589 - or - Deputy David Williams and they have been calling from 301-310-8490 and asking victims to call him back at 410-787-5118 or 240-776-2733 or 240-278-0937.

The third subject is using the name of Sgt. Mark Airs and Sgt. Kevin Harris and asking vicitms to call back at  240-306-5757 or 240-233-3208.

The fourth subject is using the name of Deputy Clarence Lawson ( Parole and Probation Division) and asking Victims to call back on 240-788-2422. * The Sheriff's Office does not have a "Parole and Probation Division."

Most recently, a subject is calling from Spoofed County Phone Numbers (Made to look like a legitimate call coming from within the County) He is using various fake names.  


Many subjects have also been "spoofing" the Montgomery County Circuit Court Phone number (240-777-9400) Spoofing allows a caller to make an incoming call appear to be originating from a different phone number in order to further the apperance of a legitimate phone call.

Remember, Law Enforcement will NEVER ask you for money, pre-paid cards or financial information over the phone.

Please visit the below link for information on a very similar scam which resulted in the arrest of over 50 individuals. The scam disscussed in the link below effected numerous residents in Montgomery County.