Domestic Violence

The Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency in Montgomery County for the service of Domestic Violence Petitions, Emergency Evaluation Petitions, Peace Orders and related process. The service of these court orders are the primary responsibility of the deputies assigned to the Family Division located at the Family Justice Center (FJC). At the FJC, deputies in conjunction with Montgomery County Police detectives, Assistant State's Attorneys, Client Assistants and other county service providers work together to address the needs of victims of domestic violence.

Montgomery County Family Justice Center
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Over the past several years, the strengthening of laws related to domestic violence and the increased awareness in the community has provided for a greater exposure of services for victims. The Sheriff's Office Family Division stands prepared and available to ensure that victims of domestic violence are afforded those services.

(2017) - Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, US Attorney General Eric Holder and Actress Mariska Hargitay
at the Montgomery County Courthouse giving a speech regarding
the Domestice Violence prevention programs in the County.


Sheriff's Office employees are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist victims with the filing of protection orders, service of orders and to provide follow up support information to ensure that victims and their families are safe. Victims who come to the FJC during normal business hours are greeted by a receptionist who will assign a client assistant to establish a course of action tailored specifically to the needs of the victim. These Client Assistants are avaiable 8:30am to 5:00pm.The Client Assistant will also facilitate the service of any order issued by the court, the Sheriff's Office serves these orders 24 hours a day. Our goal is to provide the victims of domestic violence with services specific to keeping them safe and to reassure them that they don’t have to face these issues alone.



For information on Domestic Violence related orders or to make a cell phone donation please call the Domestic Violence Section 240-777-7016


** Peace and Protective Orders are civil orders issued by a Judge or Commissioner which order a person to refrain from committing certain acts against others. Protective Orders generally apply to people in current or prior intimate / domestic relationships, Peace Orders apply to all others.


For information and services visit our:
Domestic Violence Services Directory
Domestic Violence Safety Plan


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