Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Policies

 Number   Subject
FWD: Manual Forward
 1.01  Authority, Office Organization and Command Structure
 1.02  Mission, Values, and Objectives of the Sheriff's Office
 1.03  Statewide Authority
 1.05  Equal Employment Opportunity
 1.06  Discrimination/Harassment
 1.06.A  Bias Based Profiling
 1.07  Planning and Policy Management
 1.08  Community Relations and Crime Prevention
 1.09  Inter-Agency Memoranda of Understanding
 1.09  MOUs
 1.10  Forms Control
 2.01  Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
 2.02  General Orders
 2.03  Disciplinary Process for Sworn Employees
 2.04  Disciplinary Process for Civilian Employees
 2.05  Performance Documentation Form
 2.06  Memorandum of Notification
 2.08  Administrative and Suspension Hearing Boards
 2.09  Awards and Recognition Program
 2.10  General Attendance
 2.11  Leave Policy
 2.12  Administrative Leave
 2.13  Medical Examinations
 2.13.A  Distribution of First Responder Prophylactic Medications
 2.14  Occupational Injury/Disease, Vehicle, Property Damage, and Other Accidents
 2.15  Disability Policy
 2.16  Accreditation Mangement
 2.17  Performance Planning and Evaluation
 2.17.A  Personnel Early Warning System
 2.18  Grooming Standards
 2.19  Secondary Employment
 2.20  Career Development Program
 2.21  Recruitment
 2.22  Selection
 2.23  Line of Duty Deaths
 2.24  Inspectional Services
 2.25  Roll Call
 2.26  Citizen Volunteer/Student Intern Program
 2.27  Ride-Along Program
 2.28  Training
 2.28.A  Field Traning and Evaluation Program
 2.29  Security of Criminal Section Records
 2.30  Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act (LEOSA)
 2.31  Fitness and Wellness Program
 2.32  Social Media Usage
 2.33  Media Relations
 2.34  Peer Support
 3.01  Use of Force
 3.01.B  OC - Oleoresin Capsicum (Pepper Spray)
 3.01.C  ASP Expandable Baton
 3.01.D  Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) Weapons
 3.01.E Deescalation
 3.03.A  Juvenile Arrests Reporting Procedures
 3.05  Issued Equipment/Uniforms
 3.06.A  Telephone Communications
 3.07  Service of Process
 3.08.A  Sheriff's Office Assigned Vehicle Program
 3.10  Traffic Enforcement
 3.10.A  Assistance to Motorist or Pedestrians
 3.10.B  Traffic Hazards
 3.10.D  DUI.DWI Arrest Procedures
 3.11  Incident Report Writing, (MCSO9)
 3.13  Mental Disorders
 3.17  Response to Medical Emergencies within the Judicial Center
 3.20  Handling Juveniles
 3.22  Criminal Section
 3.24  Attachments
 3.25  Evidence and Property Management
 3.26  Submission of CDS Evidence to the Crime Laboratory
 3.27  Crime Scene
 3.28  Interim, Temporary and Final Protective Orders
 3.34  Child Support Enforcement Section
 3.37  Special Events Plan
 3.39  Foreign Nationals
 3.40  Interim, Temporary, and Final Peace Orders
 3.42  Eyewitness Identification
 3.47  Uniform Criminal Citations
 3.51  Body Worn Camera System
 3.55  Towing of Vehicles 
 CBA  Collective Bargaining Agreement