Child Support Section

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has a dedicated Child Support Enforcement Section whose sole assignment is Child Support Enforcement. Some of the various functions of this unit are the service of all the Child Support processes in Montgomery County, service of all the Child Support Warrants, transporting of incarcerated non-custodial parents to court as well as providing security in our county’s courtrooms and the Child Support Offices for Child Support cases.

Each year the Sheriff’s Office receives over 3,500 Child Support cases of which 86% of the non-custodial parents are located and served. These cases include:

  • Show Cause Orders
  • Complaints for the Establishment of Paternity and/or Child Support
  • Orders of Contempt of Court
  • Subpoenas

Our deputies, after receiving these cases along with the information provided by the custodial parent, must conduct investigations to locate these non-custodial parents and then serve them these court notices.

Information provided by the custodial parent when establishing Child Support is extremely valuable because they can disclose facts that otherwise would not be available to the investigating deputy.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office encourages phone calls that supply information that can lead to service or the apprehension of a non-custodial parent if an arrest warrant has been issued.

The Sheriff’s Office last year arrested approximately 350 non-custodial parents on Child Support Warrants. These Warrants are investigated and worked immediately after our office receives them.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office works cooperatively with the Montgomery County Office of Child Support Enforcement in its effort to improve the lives of children by helping to establish paternity and enforce support orders.