Training & Authority

Since the early 1970′s deputies have received entry level training certifying them as Police Officers in the State of Maryland. Starting in the early 1990′s all deputies receive entry level police training at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy as part of the police recruit class. The academy is 27 weeks in duration and is both physically and academically challenging, this training complies with and exceeds the requirements set forth by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. A Deputy Sheriff is assigned to the academy staff as a coordinator and instructor. This integration into the academy training has created a close and bonding relationship between the Sheriff’s Deputies and Police Officers and has strengthened the camaraderie between the two agencies.

Upon successful completion of the academy new deputies report to the Sheriff’s Office and are evaluated in a 14 week Field Training Program (FTO). Newly sworn Deputy Sheriff’s are assigned to a Senior Deputy who has received specialized training in evaluation, development and application of the skills taught in the academy. Daily and weekly reports are completed and tracked to ensure satisfactory performance in this phase of the training process.

Deputies are also required to return to the academy yearly to maintain their Police Officer Certification and participating in such classes as Law, Firearms, Defensive Tactics and First Responder etc. Deputies also attend training classes throughout the State of Maryland as well as in other states in a wide variety of specialized skills.

The Maryland Constitution provides that the Sheriff be elected every four years and the Office comes under the Judicial Branch of Government. The Sheriff is therefore a State Constitutional Officer who functions autonomously from the Legislative and Executive branches of government. The authority and responsibilities of the Office of the Sheriff are established by common law, statutory enactment and judicial rules. A Sheriff’s jurisdiction is defined as the county in which the Sheriff is elected and is referred to as a “bailiwick.” The Sheriff and his Deputies have the authority to serve certain types of process in other Maryland counties such as summonses, subpoenas and arrest warrants.

Duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office include but are not limited to:

  • Preserve the peace and maintain public safety.
  • Enforce laws, arrest and commit to jail, felons and other violators of statutory or common law.
  • Execute legal process as directed.
  • Attend the trial courts of record and preserve the peace within the courthouse and courtrooms.
  • Custody and transportation of prisoners.
  • Execute and carry out the mandates, orders and directions of the courts.