Mission Statement

The mission of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is to carry out those duties enumerated by State Law and Common Law for Sheriffs. These duties are not duplicative of those assigned to other law enforcement agencies in this jurisdiction, but are unique to the Sheriff.

            The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is the law enforcement arm of the Judicial System. Our mission is to provide leadership and professional support, as required, to ensure that Court mandates are carried out in a manner, which respects individual rights and freedoms. Our mission is to work cooperatively with all other law enforcement agencies within this County, and throughout the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area, as well as all other branches of the Montgomery County Government. We must strive to ensure that the people who live, work, and visit Montgomery County are receiving the full range of law enforcement services required for a safe and orderly society.

Our mission is an honorable and necessary contribution to our community and must be accomplished under the constraints of existing resources and inflationary impacts on funding during a period when the Courts and communities requests for service are increasing.

            Employees of the Sheriff's Office must continuously assess their areas of responsibility to ensure that the work being performed is done in the most productive, efficient and safe manner possible.
The Sheriff's Office will provide its employees with the training required to ensure a work force that is knowledgeable and skilled.

            Each employee of the Sheriff's Office will be required to participate fully as a Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Team Member so we may accomplish our mission with pride.