Maryland is home to about 100 breweries, over 80 wineries and around 20 distilleries supporting thousands of jobs and generating millions in state revenue. In support of these businesses, ABS created a new standard for small alcohol producers opening the door for them to do business in Montgomery County and allowing them to sell their products at competitive prices. The product listing requirements that were previously used, which focused on quantity and sale rates, were drastically amended to allow for the several significant changes listed below. 

  • A streamlined and simplified listing process was developed. Small, local partners have the option to deliver directly to one store for ABS circulation among other stores. This avoids warehouse distribution and markup using their self-distribution license issued by the state. This process ensures that they are competitively priced and able to build their brand within ABS stores.
  • Minimum distribution levels were done away with. There is no minimum distribution level set businesses can choose to distribute in all or just some of the 25 retail stores, depending on the amount of product they have available.
  • A trial period was developed. Small Maryland businesses have 18 months to develop their brand in stores. At the 12 months mark, they are measured for success based on the performance of other small, Maryland Made products only. ABS offers an in-depth consultation at this point on expectations needed to stay a stock item.

In addition to these operational changes, a local section was incorporated within every store to prominently feature local items in high traffic areas. Maryland Made shelf tags were created to highlight products as Maryland Made. ABS further promotes local products through social media posts and creative ad development. The ads are distributed via email and text to retail newsletter subscribers. Stores also invite manufacturers to do in-store tastings and educational seminars to ABS store staff to bolster sales support.


Breweries, wineries & distilleries in the Maryland Made program include:  

7 Locks Brewing

American Shochu Company

Butterfly Spirits

Look Vodka

​Lyon Distilling

Miscellaneous Distillery

Sugarloaf Winery

Tenth Ward Distilling Company

True Respite Brewing Company

Twin Valley Distilling

Click on the links above to find out more about the manufacturers or search the ABS product portal for store availability.  


Why Maryland Made?

Not all Mayland Made products that ABS carries falls into the Maryland Made program. However, they are all given priority placement and identified with shelf tags within our stores. The effort has filled a gap in small business support within Montgomery County. Although the department does not gain monetarily from this effort, there is a huge economic gain for the County as a whole. The program encourages small businesses through a boost in brand recognition and sales. The program also pleases customers looking to support local industries and builds a more unique product selection. The continual growth of ABS partnerships with the small, local alcohol manufacturing industry, and the increased availability of these products in ABS stores, has shown to be a great measure of the program’s success. The Maryland Made program is ongoing and continues to cultivate the local small business movement.

The Maryland Made program works to attract new businesses and boost the local economy. Shelf space in 25 stores makes a very sizable impact on a small business’s distribution and product demand. The Maryland Made program helps to designate Montgomery County as business-friendly for alcohol manufacturers.


There are a number of local manufacturers located within Montgomery County as well. Click here for a listing. 

Additional listings, and resources for, Maryland alcohol manufacturers can be found within the links below. 

Brewers Association of Maryland

Maryland Wineries Association

Maryland Distillers Guild


Are you a Maryland manufacturer interested in joining the Maryland Made LOC program? Contact