ABS Communication Center
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

ABS Communication Center is here for you!  

  • Placing orders

  • Providing assistance and problem solving

  • Connecting customers with the ABS experts

  • Providing outreach on order status and product availability

  • Measured responsiveness to customer inquiries

  • Superb customer service

  • And more!

Ways to Order

To download the email/fax form, click here

Ordering Deadlines for Delivery of Stock Items
Special Orders will be delivered on your delivery day once the ABS receives the product from the supplier*

Delivery Day

Orders due by 11:00 AM











*All orders should be processed by 11:00 AM the day prior to your delivery day.  If you are faxing or emailing your order, please allow for processing time up to 30 minutes.
*Please check for delivery/ordering deadline changes around holidays and inclement weather.

Picking up your Orders!
Orders are also available for pick-up.  The ABS pick-up window is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM.  

All pick-up orders are due by 3:00 PM (orders should be placed prior to arriving at the ABS Warehouse) so orders can be processed, picked, and ready to go for you by the 3:30 PM. 

If ordering by iStore, please contact the Communciation Center to have your order released for pick-up prior to arrival.
If ordering through the Communcaition Center, please be sure to inform the order is for pick-up.

The maximum number of cases that can be picked up at the ABS Warehouse:

  • For orders placed the day prior to pick-up (during business hours): 150 cases max

  • For orders placed the day of pick-up: 50 cases max

Delivery Minimums
ABS has a minimum delivery of three cases of wine/spirits, five cases of beer, and for kegs- two (2) sixtels, two (2) quarters or one (1) one-half barrel. Minimums can be met with stock or special order items.  If a licensee has a special order item that has been received by the ABS warehouse, and the minimum has not been met for delivery, ABS will deliver the special order item to the licensee during the 1st and 3rd week of each month.  

Return Policy
Please click here to view the return policy for customer returns, refusals, cancellations of special order items and retail pricing. 

Delivery Day Information for New Licensees
Once a licensees ACH is set up, you will be assigned your delivery day.  Call 240-777-1900 after your ACH is completed and entered to get your delivery day information.

Want to pick up product at an ABS retail store?
For security protection for our customers, a PIN number is required for all business purchases in ABS retail stores.  A businesses unique PIN can be found in iStore highlighted in yellow under the “welcome” tab.

You can change your PIN:

  • In iStore by clicking the “generate new PIN” button

  • By emailing [email protected] with your business name and account number. For your business’s security, the new PIN will be emailed only to license holders.

Share your PIN only with employees or sales representatives that you authorize to make purchases on your account. You are responsible for orders placed on your account with your PIN.  If you have any questions or need assistance in obtaining your PIN, please contact the ABS Communication Center at [email protected]  or 240-777-1900.

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Meet the Team!

Communications Manager
Melissa Romeo

Communications Supervisor/Team Leader
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Communication Specialists
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