Regulation Office

Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement

The alcoholic beverage enforcement program includes inspections and/or surveillance investigations of licensed facilities to ensure compliance with all applicable state and county laws, rules, and regulations. There are over 1,000 licensed facilities.
This program regulates and services the licensees and employees, as well as residents and visitors to Montgomery County.
Alcohol/Tobacco Enforcement Specialists cite violators of alcoholic beverage laws and testify before the Board at show cause hearings.
This program conducts hotel/motel surveillance to discourage room service and off-premises delivery to minors.

Tobacco Enforcement

The tobacco enforcement program includes surveillance investigations of the approximately 800 Maryland State Retail Cigarette licensed facilities located in Montgomery County to ensure compliance with Montgomery County's Distribution of Tobacco Products to Minors law, and the tobacco product placement law.
Board Alcohol/Tobacco Enforcement Specialists issue civil citations to retail cigarette license holders and their clerks for tobacco distribution and/or display violations.
Board Alcohol/Tobacco Enforcement Specialists must also appear and testify in District Court regarding the tobacco civil citations issued.

Regulation Contacts

Joseph Cannon 
Compliance Manager


Joseph Cannon
Area: Silver Spring

Jody Childers
Area: Festivals/One-Day Licenses

Brandon Epps
Area: Rockville

Missi Johns
Area: Case Manager/Pre-Licensing/Transfer

Guy Poirier
Area: Germantown/Gaithersburg/Poolesville

Mariana Rodriguez
Area: Bethesda/Chevy Chase/Potomac

Area: Upcounty/East County/Wheaton