Shortcut Department Description
livewell OHR Wellness program
crime-tips POL Crime Tips
strategy CEX Economic strategy
kidsmh HHS Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program
sasca HHS Screening and Assessment Services for Children and Adolescents
zika HHS Zika
eccc HHS Early Childhood Coordinating Council
seniordeferral FIN Montgomery County Senior Property Tax Deferral Program
wpa HHS Child Care Subsidy Programs
safetrack DOT Safe Track
311 MCG Access Montgomery County information and services.
access MCG Direct on-line access to critical county information and publications
accessibility MCG County Accessibility information and resources
AccessMCG MCG Access MCG extranet site for County employees
african CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - African Community
AfricanAmerican CEC Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - African American Community
aginganddisability HHS Disability Services
agservices DED Agricultural Services
oas OAS Animal Services Division
asian CEC Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Asian American Community
awards MCG Montgomery County Government Awards
bag MCG Bring your Bag legislation and information
bagtax MCG Montgomery County’s Bag Tax Registration and Payment System
bcc CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Bethesda Regional Service Center
bit BIT Montgomery County Employee Retirement Plans
boards CEX County Executive Boards, Committees and Commissions
budget CEX BudgetMontgomery - provides ways to understand how our budget is structured and get the answers to budget questions
bulktrash DEP Solidwaste - How to dispose of bulk trash
BusinessPreparedness OEMHS Preparing Businesses for Emergencies
cableoffice DTS Office of Cable and Broadband Services
cablerateregulation DTS Cable and Broadband Services Regulations
calendar MCG County calendar
camerapay POL Payment system for red light camera violations
careers OHR Montgomery County Government career opportunities
caregiver HHS Family Caregiver Program
Caribbean CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Caribbean Community
CCM DTS County Cable Montgomery
ccoc OCP Office of Common Ownership Communities
cea CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Committee for Ethnic Affairs
cec CEX The Community Engagement Cluster - a combination of the five Regional Services Centers, the Commission for Women, and the Office of Community Partnerships, including the Gilchrist Center and the Volunteer Center,
cfw CFW Commission for Women
childlink HHS ChildLink (Early Childhood Services)
childwelfare HHS Child Welfare Services Program
circuitcourt CCT Montgomery County Circuit Court
circuitcourtdcm CCT Montgomery County Circuit Court - Differentiated Case Management (DCM)
clarksburg CEX Clarksburg Information
coa HHS Commission on Aging
coaltarban DEP Coal Tar Ban
code MCG County Code
commemoration MCG Days of Commemoration
commute DOT Communter Services
consumer OCP Office of Consumer Protection
contact MCG Montgomery County Contact Information
ContractRegister PRO Office of Procurement contract search
cor COR Department of Correction and Rehabilitation
council CCL County Council
countyattorney CAT Office of the County Attorney
countystat MCG Performance Measurement and Management
cpwd HHS Commission on People with Disabilities
CraigRice CCL Councilmember Craig Rice
crime_report POL Crime Statistics and Summaries
cupf CUPF Community Use of Public Facilities
cva HHS Commission on Veteran's Affairs
ddcsn HHS Developmental Disabilities Resource Coordination
dep DEP Department of Environmental Protection
Departments MCG List of MCG Departments and Agencies
dgs DGS Department of General Services
dhca HCA Department of Housing and Community Affairs
dhcalicensing HCA Licensing and Registration Unit 
disability HHS Disability Services
disclaimer MCG Disclaimer on site content
dlc DLC Department of Liquor Control
dlc-apps DLC Alcohol Beverage License Applications
dlcsearch DLC Search by spirit or wine
dnd HHS Disability Network Directory
dts DTS Department of Technology Services
earlychildhoodservices HHS Infants, Kids & Teen Services
eastco CEX Community Engagement Cluster - East County Regional Service Center
ebola HHS Ebola Facts and Resources
edonate MCG Programs that accept online charitable donations
elections BOE Board of Elections
emoc DGS David F. Bone Equipment Maintenance and Transit Operations Center
eportal MCG Access MCG extranet site for County employees
eproperty HCA eProperty Data Mining
estimatedtax OCP Estimated Real Property Tax and Other Non-tax Charges
esubscription MCG Montgomery County's eSubscription system
ethics ECM Montgomery County Ethics Commission
EthnicAffairs CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Committee for Ethnic Affairs
faith CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Faith Community Advisory Council
farmersmarkets DED Montgomery County  Farmers' Markets
farmtour DED Farm Tour and Harves Sale
film MCG Information for filmmakers
finance FIN Department of Finance
financialdisclosure ECM Financial Disclosure
firemarshal FRS Fire & Rescue Fire Code Compliance
FireRescue FRS Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service
fleet DGS Department of General Services Fleet Management
flu MCG 2014-2015 Seasonal Flu Vaccination Campaign
foreclosure HCA Foreclosure Prevention
fosterparent HHS Become a Foster Parent
freetaxhelp HHS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)
geocache DEP Caching the Rain Geocaching Trail
gilchrist CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Gilchrist Center
gis DTS Georgraphical Information Systems
GlenHills DEP Glen Hills Area Sanitary Study
gogreen DEP Green Business Incentives
goodneighbors MCG Being Good Neighbors: Maintaining the Residential Character of County Neighborhoods
govdelivery MCG Montgomery County's eSubscription system
greenprocurement PRO Interagency Procurement Coordinating Committee - Green Purchasing
HansRiemer CCL Hans Riemer
hazardouswaste DEP Hazardous Waste Programs
hazmat MCG Online Hazardous Material Reporting System
hce HCA Housing Code Enforcement
hhs HHS Department of Health and Human Services
holidays MCG County Holidays
housingpolicy HCA Housing Policy
hrd HHS Homeless Resource Day
humanrights HR Office of Human Rights
ich HHS Interagency Commission on Homelessness
ig OIG Office of the Inspector General
ijis MCG Integrated Justice Information System
inauguration MCG Inauguration 2014
infantsandtoddlers HHS Infants and Toddlers Program
ita CEX Montgomery County Transit Authority
judicialannex DGS Judicial Center Annex
kidsneedyou HHS Becoming a Foster Parent
kis DLC Keeping it SAFE:  Under Twenty-One Alcohol Prevention Coalition
languagebank CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Language Bank
latino CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Latin American Community
leafing DOT 2014 Leaf Vacuum Collection
lep CEX Community Engagement Cluster -  Language Access Policies in Montgomery County
library LIB Public Libraries
LibraryAccount LIB Library Account
Licensure HHS Food and Facilities Licensing
LiquorControlCommittee DLC Ad Hoc Committee on Liquor Control
livingwage PRO Wage Requirements (Living Wage) Law
lobbyists ECM Lobbying Registration and Activity Reporting System
lsbrp PRO Local Small Business Reserve Program
ltcombudsman HHS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program
lymedisease HHS Lyme Disease
MakeAKit OEMHS Make an Emergency Kit
mcccrrc HHS Montgomery County Child Care Resource & Referral Center
mcdot DOT Department of Transportation
mcdotcommunityoutreach DOT Office of Director - Community Outreach Program
mcgpjw DOT ProjectWise
mcsafe FRS Safety in our Neighborhood
MeetingRegistration MCG  
MFD PRO Minority, Female and Disabled-Owned Businesses (MFD) Program
midcounty CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Mid-County Regional Service Center
midcountycorridorstudy DOT Midcounty Corridor Study
MiddleEastern CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Middle Eastern American Community
mobile MCG Mobile Montgomery
mpdu HCA Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program
MyMontgomery MCG My Montgomery
NancyNavarro CCL Councilmember Nancy Navarro
NeighborhoodProjects DGS Neighborhood Projects
news OPI County News Releases
newtrafficlaws OPI Hands Free Traffic Laws
Nonprofit CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Community Partnerships - Social Profit Organizations
OBRC PRO Division of Business Relations and Compliance (DBRC)
oemhs OEMHS Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
ohr OHR Office of Human Relations
olo OLO Office of Legislative Oversight
olta HCA Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs (Landlord-Tenant)
onlineservices OPI Online Services
openbudget OMB Open Budget
pandemicflu HHS Flu Prevention
paperlessairplane OPI Paperless Airplane
parking DOT Parking Management
PCAP MCG Access MCG extranet site for County employees
permittingservices DPS Department of Permitting Services
Petpreparedness OEMHS Emergency Preparedness for Pets
phprepare HHS Emergency Preparedness
police POL Department of Police
PollingPlaces BOE Polling Places
Potholes DOT Pothole Repair
PrevailingWage PRO Prevailing Wage Law
privacy MCG Privacy Policy
procurement PRO Office of Procurement
PropertyTax FIN Real Property Tax Payment Account Information and Bill Payment System
Propertytaxcredits FIN Property Tax Credit and Exemption Information
protectyourwatershed DEP Help Protect Our Streams
rainscapes DEP What are RainScapes?
ready OEMHS Staying Informed When an Emergency Happens
rec REC Department of Recreation
recycling DEP Recycling, Trash, & Yard Trim Programs
RestorationProjects DEP Find a Restoration Project
Results MCG Performance Measurement and Management
retirement BIT Employee Retirement Plans
rideon DOT Ride On
rss MCG County RSS Feeds
safespeed POL The Automated Traffic Enforcement Unit (ATEU)
safespeedpay POL Pay speeding tickets online
sao SAO State's Attorneys Office
scrapmetal DEP How to recycle scrap metal
seniors MCG Senior Site
SeniorSummit MCG Senior Summit
services MCG Services & Information
shortcuts MCG Shortcuts to MCG sites
SidneyKatz CCL Councilmember Sidney Katz
silverspring CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Silver Spring Regional Service Center
smartgrowth CEX The Smart Growth Initiative
smoke-free HHS Environmental Health - Smoking Laws
snow MCG Delays, Closings, & Other Information Due to Winter Storms & Emergencies
socialmediapolicy MCG Social Media Policy
solidwaste DEP Division of Solid Waste Services
SSTC DGS Paul S. Sarbanes Silver Spring Transit Center
storm DOT Storm information
stormwater DEP Stormwater Facility Maintenance & Inspection
stormwaterpermit DEP Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit Program (MS4)
summerfoodsafety HHS Summer Food Safety
taxihotline DOT Taxicab Service Compliments and Complaints
taxliensale FIN Tax Sale Information and Procedures
tnd HHS Transportation Network Directory for People with Disabilities and Seniors
TomHucker CCL Councilmember Tom Hucker
training OHR OHR Training
transfat HHS Environmental Health - Trans Fat Regulation
TransferTax FIN Transfer Tax
transfertax-training FIN Transfer Tax Training
transit DOT DOT Transit
transit-task-force MCG Transit Task Force
translate MCG Language Translations
upcounty CEX Community Engagement Cluster - Upcounty Regional Service Center
user_rights MCG User Rights
vaccineclinic MCG Vaccine Information
vasap HHS Victim Assistance and Sexual Assault Program (VASAP)
veterans HHS Veterans' Affairs
village HHS Montgomery County VIllage Movement
vnd HHS Veterans Network Directory
volunteer MCG Volunteer
walk DOT Pedestrian Safety
waste-reduction DEP Waste Reduction Tips and Recycling Reminders
watershedrestoration DEP Watershed Restoration
WaterWorks DEP Water/Sewer Category Change Requests
westnilevirus HHS West Nile Virus: What Montgomery County Residents Need to Know 
wfh DHCA Workforce Housing (WFH)
wheatondev MCG Wheaton and Silver Spring Development Projects
whiteflint DGS Public Amenities in White Flint
workersafety MCG Helping to Protect Workers' Health and Safety
workhomegap DOT Sustainable Commuting
WQPC DEP Water Quality Protection Charge
wqpcappeals DEP WQPC Hardship Waivers and Appeals
wqpcexemption DEP WQPC Hardship Waivers and Appeals
wrl PRO Wage Requirements (Living Wage) Law
yardtrim DEP Solid Waste - Yard Trim (grass, leaves, and brush)
antennazta DTS Draft Zoning Text Amendment (ZTA)
SMARTlandlord HHS Smart Landlord Announcement
parkingday DOT Parking Day
tess HHS Takoma East Silver Spring (TESS) Community Service Center
biz MCG Business Portal
ccoc-survey-fy2018 DHCA Common Ownership Community Annual Survey Form
securitygrants OMB Security Grants
pacs HHS Planning, Accountability and Customer Service
ccy HHS Commission on Children and Youth
ccc HHS Commission on Child Care
towers DTS towers
tenantrights DHCA Tenant Rights
trips DOT TRiPS commuter stores
status OHR Status of government
dentalservices HHS Dental Service
broadbandmap DTS Map of broadband
hypothermia PIO hypothermia information
capitalbudget OMB capital budget
operatingbudget OMB operating budget
mocomcon LIB MC commic con
giftgreener DEP gift outside of box
flood PIO flood information
hurricane PIO hurricane information
shorttermrental HHS short term rental information
adoptaroad DOT Adopt a road program
respectthespace HHS MD Accessibility Code Accessible Parking Space Compliance
Sugarland Rural Broadband Project DTS sugarland
tourbus_parking MCDOT Tour Bus Parking
Interactive Budget Simulator OMB budgetsimulator
mpia OPI MPIA Lead Departmental Contacts
aodaac HHS Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Advisory Council