Alcohol Enforcement

Compliance Check Program

Along with the sale and distribution of alcohol comes a responsibility to educate and enforce alcohol laws and regulations to ensure safety.
Recognizing that alcohol licensed businesses are the first line in defense to reduce the availability of alcohol to youth under 21 years of age, intoxicated individuals, and to maintain keg registration a comprehensive compliance program was developed.
Alcohol Inspectors and Police conduct compliance checks in tandem delivering both an administrative violation against the liquor licensee and a criminal citation to the individual seller/server for failed compliance.Compliance checks are conducted using underaged youth using their own valid ID’s. 

The following flyer can help you and your employees check ID's: Remember to Check ID's

Compliance Check Reports

Four types of compliance checks are conducted

Routine Inspection
A Routine Inspection is a state mandated check of each establishment twice a year.

Monthly Inspection
Monthly Inspections are implemented for those with a liquor privilege.
Monthly checks for the first year are done to ensure that the sales of food are at a minimum, equal to or above alcohol sales.
The 50/50 ratio reports are required to be filed once a month for the first year by the establishment.
The inspection will go annually after the 1st year, unless a continuance of monthly reports is mandated from the board.

Notice Inspection
A Notice Inspection is directive issued by the Board, Division Chief, or an Inspector, which generally results in a 48 hour deadline to comply.

Final Inspection
A Final Inspection is a final check of an establishment before issuance of license for new and transferred licenses.

Sales or Service to Minors and Intoxicated Persons
The Rules and Regulations, Alcoholic Beverages Article, states that a licensee must not sell or serve any alcoholic beverages to anyone under the age of 21, and a licensee must not sell or serve any alcoholic beverages to any intoxicated person, or to any person who appears to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or who is acting in a disorderly manner.