Transportation & Environment (T&E) Committee

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Council is in the process of making upgrades to its web page. Archived videos, agendas and staff reports are available. If you need assistance locating Council minutes or records, please contact Legislative Information Services at 240-777-7910.


Jurisdiction: Climate change, energy policy, water and sewer issues and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission; issues relating to environmental protection and conservation, including forest conservation; and solid waste, County infrastructure issues including public transportation, roadway and street construction and maintenance.

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Committee Members

Tom Hucker (Chair)

D - District 5, 240-777-7960

Tom Hucker

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Evan Glass

D - At - Large, 240-777-7966

Roger Berliner

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Hans Riemer

D - At - Large, 240-777-7964

Hans Riemer

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