Master Plans

The County Council is the final authority on land use matters. The Council's powers include approval of area master plans, functional master plans (such as the master plan for bikeways and the master plan for historic preservation), and decisions about zoning on individual parcels. The Planning, Housing and Economic Development (PHED) Committee makes recommendations on all of these issues to the Council. Members of the PHED Committee.

The Montgomery County Planning Board, composed of five residents appointed by the Council and the Council's principal adviser on land use and zoning issues and makes recommendations on new or amended Master Plans to the Council. The Council has delegated some of its land use authority for detailed development to the Planning Board.

Staff Reports for each meeting is available at Council meetings page.

Master Plan Please see the Committee Agenda or Council Agenda for the most current information).

Germantown Plan for the Town Sector Zone

Meeting Dates and Staff Reports:
  • Public hearing:
  • Council staff overview:
  • Worksession:
M-NCPPC Info.:
Draft Resolution: Germantown Plan
Resolution Number:

Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan

Meeting Dates and Staff Reports: Plan:
M-NCPPC Info.:
Draft Resolution: Forest Glen/Montgomery Hills Sector Plan
Resolution Number:

MARC Rail Communities Plan

Status: Approved and Adopted - April 30, 2019
Meeting Dates and Staff Reports: Plan: MARC Rail Communities Plan
M-NCPPC Info.: MARC Rail Communities Plan
Draft Resolution: MARC Rail Communities Plan Based on Committee recommendations. Council worksession and action scheduled for 4/30/19.
Resolution Number:
Press: Montgomery Planning Board Sends the MARC Rail Communities Sector Plan to the County Council for Consideration
Master Plan Archived

Master Plan Archived (2013 - 2011)

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Map of Communities from Montgomery Planning Organization.

Semi-Annual Report

Fall 2018 Semi-Annual Report of the Montgomery County Planning Board