Zoom Meeting Tips

  • Join the Zoom meeting using a PC or Mac, mobile phone or tablet or land line. Download and authorize the Zoom app the use of mic and/or camera. Detailed Instructions.
  • When dialing into a meeting, enter the meeting ID and passcode when prompted followed by the # sign.
    • To toggle between mute and unmute, use *6 on the phone.  To raise your hand, use *9.
  • Sharing your video is not a requirement and dialing into participate is perfectly acceptable.
  • Join the meeting early to ensure your mic and camera are working.  All meetings will begin in Zoom 15 minutes ahead of the stated meeting start time.
  • Sometimes participants will experience a spotty connection. Disable the video, and use only audio.  Disabling the video will cut back the amount of bandwidth needed to participate.
  • Do not watch the session and participate simultaneously as the recorded session is delayed.
  • When you are not speaking, disable your microphone.  With so many in attendance, eliminating background noises is essential.
  • When on broadcast, ensure the camera is level with your face and not below or above.  Good lighting on your face is recommended.
  • If another participant is too close to you and both of you have speakers on, leave audio conference on one of the computers or hang up the telephone connections.
  • If you are in a conference room with multiple devices, disconnect compute audio from the other devices.  Muting is not enough as you mute the mic, but the speaker is still on.

How to Join a Zoom meeting to attend a Montgomery County Council Meeting

From a PC:
  1. Download Zoom on your PC, Download Center - Zoom and choose Zoom Client for Meetings.  No license is required.
  2. Join a Meeting, select button as seen below.
Zoom meeting login
  1. Enter Meeting ID and Your Name as seen below.  Once signed in, you may not make any changes to your name.  If you need to make a change, Leave Meeting and rejoin, this time enter Your Name as you want it seen in the meeting.
Join Meeting
  1. Enter Meeting passcode, as seen below
  1. Choose how to join the audio portion of the meeting as seen below.
Join meeting with computer audio/video

NOTE:  During the meeting, you may manage your microphone and video by using the icons at the bottom left, as seen below: