FY20 Operating Budget Updates

The Council is the final authority on spending for Montgomery County Government and County and bi-County agencies such as Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, and the Montgomery County Planning Board. The County Executive submits his or her proposed capital and operating budgets to the Council and makes recommendations for independent agency budgets. The Council may add to, delete from, increase or decrease any appropriation item in the operating or capital budget. The Council reviews all spending and revenue proposals comprehensively and solicits input from the public. The goal of this process is to produce a budget that balances the needs of our residents in a fiscally responsible manner.

Check Council worksessions and Council Committee worksessions links below to get updates and staff reports.

Council Worksessions

FY20 Operating Budget Council Meetings

The County Executives FY20 Recommended Operating Budget will be transmitted to the Council on March 15, 2019. Staff reports on budget issues will be provided as available.

Committee Worksessions

Education & Culture ( EC)

Government Operations and Fiscal Policy ( GO)

Health & Human Services ( HHS)

Planning, Housing & Economic Development  ( PHED)

Public Safety ( PS)

Transportation & Environment ( T&E)