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Visitor Information

Council reception is on the 4th Floor. All visitors are required to sign in with the receptionist.

Driving Directions

  • Take the Falls Road Exit 5 on I270, and follow signs towards Rocville Town Center.
  • Go thru traffic signal and you will be on Maryland Avenue.

Public Parking

  • From Maryland Avenue, turn right onto E. Jefferson Street (Route 28 East). Entrance to public parking is on the right.
  • For evening public hearings, additional parking is available in the Council Office Building from Monroe St. and Fleet St. entrances.


  • Take Metro's Red Line to Rockville Metro Station
  • Walk - 13 min - 0.4 miles
    • Walk approx. 1 block W on Rockville Metro Walkway.
    • Walk straight on E Montgomery Ave.
    • Walk approx. 1 block W on E Montgomery Ave.
    • Turn left on Courthouse Sq.
    • Walk approx. 1 block S on Courthouse Sq.
    • Walk straight on Maryland Ave.
    • Walk approx. 1 block S on Maryland Ave.

Council building


Council Office Building
100 Maryland Avenue, 4th Floor
Rockville, MD 20850

Access for People who use Wheelchairs and Scooters

Using the Elevator in the Public Parking Garage

  • In the public parking garage, take the elevator up one floor to Level C/D.
  • On leaving the elevator turn right and head to walkway with fish pond.
  • At the bottom of the fish pond, make an immediate right onto downward sloped walkway.
  • Turn left onto the sidewalk and into the building through automatic glass doors.

Using the Sidewalk Outside of the Public Parking Garage

  • In the public parking garage, exit the garage to the left of the kiosk.
  • Follow the sidewalk to the left and straight through the automatic glass doors.

Drop Off/Pick Up

  1. Make first right into public parking garage at traffic light at Monroe Street intersection (County fueling station).
  2. Make immediate right (before the entrance to visitor parking). Passengers can be discharged at the assigned spot.

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