Advisory Commission on Policing

Legislative Authority

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Montgomery County Code Section 35-6 establishes the  15 member Advisory Commission on Policing and defines the Commission’s duties to:

  • advise the Council on policing matters;
  • provide information regarding best practices on policing matters;
  • recommend policies, programs, legislation, or regulations;
  • comment on matters referred to it by the Council;
  • conduct community outreach for community input on policing matters;
  • accept correspondence and comments from members of the public; and
  • By July 1 each year, the Commission must submit an annual report on its functions, activities, accomplishments, and plans and objectives.

The Commission is composed of 13 public voting members and 2 non-voting, ex-officio members. The Council appoints all 13 voting members --11 are nominated by individual Councilmembers and 2 are nominated by the County Executive. Of the 2 County Executive nominees, one must be 25 years or age or younger at the time of appointment and another must be between the ages of 26-35 at the time of appointment. The 2 ex officio members are: the Police Chief (or his designee) and the President of an employee organization certified under  Article V of Chapter 33. Each member serves a term of 3 years.

The Commission members are to reflect the diversity of the County’s communities, with emphasis on those disproportionately impacted by inequities. Members must also have an interest or expertise in policing matters.