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Prepare to Offer Your Rental Unit

Landlords must comply with Rental Property Federal, State, and local laws, including laws pertaining to non-discrimination, lease agreements and security deposits. Additionally, property owners must ensure their property is in compliance with all zoning, housing, building, fire, and other applicable safety laws.

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What must be included in a Rental Application Packet?

Every rental application packet must include the Lease, Lease Summary and Criminal History Addendum. Any property built prior to 1978 must include the required Lead Paint documents in the packet. Further, any multifamily apartment property must include the Window Guard Addendum. Below is information on each.

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References Checks, Credit History, etc.

  • Reusable Tenant Screening Report
    • You may ask Prospective tenants to provide, at no cost to you, a “Reusable Tenant Screening Report.” Learn more about this screening approach.
  • SafeRent Solutions Credit Check

    If you are a licensed landlord who owns ten or fewer units, you can run a credit check on a prospective tenant at a discounted rate: Sign into your Licensing and Registration AccessMCG account to access SafeRent Solutions.

    1. Landlords must make payment to SafeRent Solutions directly and all payments must be made by credit card.
    2. Landlords who do not have access to a computer may come to DHCA at 1401 Rockville Pike, 4th Floor, Rockville, MD and use the computers in the reception area.
    3. For more information regarding SafeRent Solutions, call 1-800-811-3495. If a Landlord has problems navigating the Access MCG website, they can call 240-777-0311 and ask to speak with someone in Licensing and Registration.   This is not a required step in the process.
    • Note: Tenants who are rejected based on information contained in a SafeRent Solutions report can obtain a copy of their report, free of charge, by calling SafeRent Solutions at 1-800-811-3495.
  • Background/Criminal History screening

For more information, see the Landlord-Tenant Handbook. If you have questions, contact DHCA Office of Landlord-Tenant Affairs by calling 311 (240-777-0311).