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Streetlights: Maintenance

The County owns and maintains approximately 28,000 streetlights and leases another 40,000, owned by utility companies. The County lacks the resources to proactively perform inspections to identify malfunctioning lights and primarily relies on its residents to report them. Malfunctioning streetlights may be reported using one of the options described below. Please note that your contact information is desirable in case we need to reach you for additional information, but is required if you would like status updates.

Service requests are processed within one business day and maintenance crews are dispatched to the site within 5 business days. Repairs can range from simply replacing a light bulb to more extensive work, or even no power, which will require a longer time to repair. However, if a taped RED “X” appears on the streetlight pole, a “NO VOLTAGE” condition (no power) has been identified and the local utility company will be notified to restore power to the streetlight. This process may take several weeks or months to properly complete the repair.

Please visit our frequently asked questions web page for additional assistance.

We have provided the following utility company links for your convenience:

Allegheny Power (AP) 
Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) 
Potomac Electric Power Company (PEPCO) 



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