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  • Membership Vacancies

    Speed Cameras Save Lives!

    Since the inception of the Safe Speed Camera program eight years ago pedestrian fatalities have dropped significantly in Montgomery County. To learn more about the Safe Speed Camera program please click here.

  • Membership Vacancies

    Join the Pedestrian, Bicycle, and Traffic Advisory Committee (PBTSAC) and make a difference!

    We’re looking for community minded individuals who are concerned about issues impacting pedestrian and bicycle safety in Montgomery County. Interested? Click here to learn more and apply to be a PBTSAC member. Link

  • Push the Button!

    Summer Safety

    Summer is here which means more pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers on the road. Here are some helpful tips to keep you safe this summer:

    1. It may be hot outside and you have places to go (preferably with air conditioning) but be patient when crossing the street. Always push the button and wait for the walk signal before crossing.
    2. When buying new summer clothes don’t shy away from bright colors. Wearing bright or reflective clothing will help drivers see you better.
    3. We love summer anthems but put the headphones and earbuds away! Headphones impair your ability to hear approaching vehicles.
    4. Never text and drive. It’s important to never take your eyes off the road when driving.
  • Push the Button!

    Push the Button! Wait for the Walk Signal!

    Most pedestrian signals will not automatically change to provide pedestrian crossings at locations with push buttons; the button must be pushed to activate the signals. Each intersection is timed differently according to its size and traffic/pedestrian patterns. Intersections have been studied and timed based on an average walking speed. Longer crossing times are provided at intersections used primarily by children and senior citizens. Learn more about how to use push buttons here.

  • Heads Up In Parking Lots

    Learn More about Safe Routes to School

    Thirty years ago, 60% of children living within a 2-mile radius of a school walked or bicycled to school. Today, that number has dropped to less than 15%. And, in the past 30 years, the number of children between the ages of 6 and 11 were considered to be overweight or obese has climbed from 5% to 20%. Safe Routes to School Programs are intended to reverse these trends by improving safety and promoting walking and bicycling. One great example is Walk to School Day on October 7, 2015.MORE...

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    SRTS is now on social media

    Safe Routes to School is now on social media. Follow/like us to receive walking and biking safety tips, Safe Routes to School news, and enter to win awesome prizes like an iPad!

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  • Heads Up In Parking Lots

    Heads Up in Parking Lots

    In 2012, there were 423 reported pedestrian collisions in Montgomery County. Of these collisions, 125, or about 30 percent, occurred in parking lots and garages – a 39 percent increase in one year and the third consecutive year that collisions in parking lots increased.  Visit Parking Lot Safety.

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