Energy and Environmental Advocacy

The Energy and Environmental Advocacy Bill authorizes the OCP to advocate for the County's interest in obtaining the lowest possible rates consistent with environmental stewardship for gas, electricity, and other energy sources. The OCP reviews the extensive docket maintained by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to identify those cases in which our actions in intervening and providing testimony would be the most effective and productive.

The OCP has participated in the following cases before the PSC in a variety of ways including providing written or oral testimony, attending hearings, and participating in work groups: 

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  1. EmPOWER Maryland Energy Act of 2008  (EmPOWER  Maryland) (Case Nos.9153, 9154, and 9155)
  2. In the Matter of the Allocation of Money in the Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Fund Pursuant to Section 9-20B-05(G)(2) of the State Government Article, Annotated Code of Maryland (Case No. 9166)
  3. Smart Grid/Advanced Metering Infrastructure ( AMI )  (Case  Nos. 9207 and 9208)
  4. Rate Related Cases (Case Nos. 9217, 9286 and 9257)
  5. Pepco Reliability and Utility Service Quality Standards (Case No. 9240 and RM 43)
  6. Price to Compare (Case No. 9228)