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2003 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

Resolution No. Title Adopted
03-28 Excluding Certain Lots in the R-200 Zone from the Established Building Requirement Adopted
03-27 Building Height Measurement Adopted
03-26 Self Storage in the Central Business District (Arts and Entertainment District) Adopted
03-25 Eliminating Authority of the District Council to Decide a Cemetery and Family Burial Site Special Exception Adopted
03-24 Moderately Priced Dwelling Units - Height Limits in Certain Zones On Hold
03-23 Nonconforming Uses in the Central Business District (Arts and Entertainment District) Withdrawn
03-22 Country Inn Zone Adopted
03-21 Riding Stables Adopted
03-20 Permitted Uses - TS-R Zones Adopted
03-18 Accessory Apartment Requirements Adopted
03-17 Off-street Parking for Bicycles Adopted
03-16 Allowing a No-impact and Registered Home Occupation as a Permitted Use in Certain Zones On Hold
03-15 Benefit Performances on Property Regulated by a Special Exception Adopted
03-14 Animal Boarding Place in RE-2 Zone Adopted
03-13 Registered Non complying Dwellings Adopted
03-12 Grave sites on Premises of a Place of Worship in RE-2 Zone Lapsed
03-11 Life Sciences Center Amendments Adopted
03-10 Landscape Contractor, C-T and I-1 Zones Adopted
03-09 MPDUs in RE-1, RE-2, RE-2C and RNC Zones Adopted
03-08 Eliminate Certain Written Transcript Requirements Adopted
03-07 Private Educational Institutions - Special Exception in the RDT Zone Adopted
03-06 Reclassification of Property Located in a Metro Station Policy Area Adopted
03-05 Permitting a Laboratory Use in the C-O Zone Adopted
03-04 Regarding Telephone Office or Communications Center Adopted
03-03 Allowing a Health Club in the C-T Zone Under Certain Circumstances Adopted
03-02 Regarding Dry Cleaning and Laundry Establishments Adopted
03-01 Establishing Special Optional Method of Development Requirements for MPDU Projects With 20 or Fewer Dwelling Units. Adopted
Zoning Text Amendments

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