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2018 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

Resolution No. Title Adopted
ZTA-18-11 Telecommunications Towers - Approval Standards Introduced
ZTA-18-10 Townhouse Living - Accessibility Tax Credit Introduced
ZTA-18-09 Landscape Contractors – Rural Cluster Zone  Introduced
ZTA-18-08 Site Plan Amendment – Solar Collection Systems Introduced
ZTA-18-07 Accessory Residential Uses – Accessory Apartments Introduced
ZTA-18-06 MPDU- Bonus Density Introduced
SRA-18-02 Administrative Subdivision - Signature Business Headquarters    Enacted - Ord. No. 18-46
ZTA-18-05 Uses, Use Standards and Regulatory Approvals - Signature Business Headquarters Enacted - Ord. No. 18-45
ZTA-18-04 Exemptions - Agricultural Zone   Enacted - Ord. No. 18-47
ZTA-18-03 Farm Alcohol Production - Standards   Introduced
ZTA-18-02 Telecommunications Towers – Limited Use Enacted - Ord. No. 18-44
ZTA-18-01 Solar Collection System - Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 18-43
SRA-18-01 Minor Subdivisions – Ownership Units Enacted - Ord. No. 18-42
Zoning Text Amendments

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