2021 Zoning Text Amendments (ZTA’s) and Subdivision Regulation Amendments (SRA’s)

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ZTA/SRA No. Title Status
ZTA 21-09 Office and Professional – Biohealth Priority Campus Introduced
ZTA 21-08 Landscape Contractor – Use Standards Introduced
ZTA 21-07 Density and Height Allocation – Development with Moderately Priced Dwelling Units  Introduced
ZTA 21-06 Exemptions – Density Transfer and Historic Resources Introduced
ZTA 21-05 Rural Village Center (RVC) Overlay Zone – Vehicle Repair  Introduced
ZTA 21-04 Overlay Zone – Germantown-Churchill Village Introduced
ZTA 21-03 Charitable, Philanthropic Institution Kitchens Enacted - Ord. No. 19-21
ZTA 21-02 Independent Living Facility for Seniors or Persons with Disabilities - Residential Zone Standards Enacted - Ord. No. 19-20
ZTA 21-01 Sign Ordinance – Bus Shelter Advertising Enacted - Ord. No. 19-19
SRA 21-01 Exemptions – Alcohol Production and Agritourism Enacted - Ord. No. 19-18