Drop-off Hours

Shady Grove Transfer Station

16101 Frederick Road, Derwood MD 20855
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  • 7 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday (both entrances)
  • 9 am to 5 pm on Sunday (use Shady Grove Road entrance only)

Phone: 311 (or 240-777-0311)

Cost: Check our Transfer Station fee schedule to determine the charge for the materials you are bringing.

Bringing recyclables or trash to our Solid Waste Transfer Station and Processing Facility?

Residential Waste

  • NO Out of County waste is allowed.
  • ALL Residents must provide proof of residency.
  • All loads over 500 lbs. must be weighed at the scales and pay the required fee.

Information to Know

Commerical Waste

  • NO Out-of-County waste is allowed or accepted.
  • DO NOT bring waste generated from outside of the County. The Montgomery County Transfer Station and Material Recovery Facility does not accept waste or other material that is generated from outside of Montgomery County and will be turned away. 
  • Commercial/Business Loads must be generated within the County.
  • All contractors must provide verification of job location or county of origin.
  • If you are not able to verify that the material has originated from within the County, you will not be permitted to dump.

Poolesville Beauty Spot

The Poolesville Beauty Spot located at 19200 Jerusalem Road, Poolesville MD 20837, is open for Montgomery County residents wishing to discard bulk trash (up to 499 pounds).

Information to Know

  • Shingles
  • Car Parts
    • We do not accept car parts for disposal or recycling at the Shady Grove Transfer Station. You may contact a local mechanic shop or a scrap metal business to dispose of car parts.
  • Transporting materials
    • You must bring your materials to the Transfer Station by car, truck, van or similar vehicle. Walking or riding bicycles, motorcycles, or electric scooters are prohibited at the Transfer Station.
  • HOA Bulk Collection Drop-offs
    • The Transfer Station will permit Homeowner’s Associations within Montgomery County to drop off two (2) bulk collections free of charge each calendar year, with permission from Transfer Station management. Review the drop-off procedures.