Fenton Village Bicycle & Pedestrian Projects


The Fenton Village Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects are three related projects in the Fenton Village and downtown Silver Spring areas. They are in various stages of planning and design.

The projects are:

Fenton Street / MD 410 Intersection Redesign

The intersection of Fenton Street and MD 410 was built with high-speed right turn ramps on the northern half of the intersection. These elements add additional, impervious surface and do not represent a safe design for pedestrians and cyclists. MCDOT is undertaking a redesign of this intersection to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and to reduce the amount of impervious surface.

The project will include the development of conceptual and final design plans, followed by construction.

The design process is expected to last through 2020, with construction potentially occurring in 2021, contingent on receiving permits from the Maryland State Highway Administration.

Grove Street Neighborhood Greenway Pilot

Grove Street project webpage

A neighborhood greenway is a street where the safe movement of bicyclists and pedestrians is prioritized, and the fast, through movement of vehicles is minimized. Tools can include speed treatments such as speed humps and diversionary treatments. Grove Street is identified as a future neighborhood greenway in the County’s adopted Bicycle Master Plan.

The Grove Street project will be a pilot project. Treatments will use temporary materials that can be modified or removed. Before implementation, a study of Grove and adjacent streets will be conducted to determine baseline conditions. Meetings were held on January 21 and July 15 to present ideas and gather feedback. A third community meeting is scheduled for September 29 to present plans for the first stage of the pilot.

MCDOT’s anticipated approach to the pilot project envisions a two-stage pilot. The first step will be to collect speed and volume data on Grove Street and the adjacent streets. Then MCDOT will implement a set of neighborhood greenway treatments for a defined period. During this period, MCDOT will collect data on Grove and the adjacent streets. For the second stage, MCDOT will modify the treatments or add additional treatments based on the data and community feedback. The revised treatments will remain for a defined period. At the conclusion of the pilot, MCDOT will present findings to the community and will seek direction regarding the treatments. Based on that feedback and the collected data, the pilot treatments may be modified, removed, or left in place.

Fenton Street Cycletrack

MCDOT is in the process of advancing design for the Fenton Street Cycletrack. The selected alternative is Alternative E, which includes a two-way cycletrack on the west side of the street, one travel lane in each direction on Fenton Street for vehicles, a northbound left turn lane at intersections, and parking & loading zones on the east side of the street. The 15% concept plans for Alternative E and the other alternatives are available on the Project Documents tab.

The design process for this project will start in Spring 2021, and is expected to take approximately 24 months to complete. MCDOT plans to hold a community meeting in Summer 2021 to help us further refine Alternative E.

The Fenton Street Cycletrack project extends from Cameron Street in the north to Gist Avenue in the south. Separate MCDOT projects will bookend the project, effectively creating a continuous separated bikeway corridor from Spring Street to the Metropolitan Branch Trail at Fenton Street & King Street.

The Fenton Street / MD 410 Redesign is expected to reach 30% design in summer 2021. Final design is expected in late 2021. A construction schedule will be developed in fall 2021.

The Grove Street Neighborhood Greenway Pilot will be implemented in two stages. The first stage will focus on speed treatments and pedestrian safety improvements, including the addition of a walking lane. Stage 1 is anticipated to be implemented in late spring 2021 and remain in place through fall 2021. Stage 2 will focus on additional treatments intended to reduce the number of cars using Grove Street as a cut-through. Following a community meeting in late 2021 or early 2022, Stage 2 will be implemented in 2022.

The Fenton Street Cycletrack study was completed in November 2020. The County Council’s T&E Committee selected an alternative in February 2021. The design effort is expected to start in spring 2021 and will continue for approximately 24 months. Several community meetings will take place during the design process. MCDOT is exploring opportunities to advance portions of the design so that improvements can be implemented on a shorter timeframe.

Project Newsletters

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November 18, 2020 Fenton Street Meeting

July 15, 2020 & September 29, 2020 Grove Street Meetings

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Fenton Street Bikeway

Grove Street Neighborhood Greenway Project

Fenton Street / MD 410 Intersection Redesign

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