How to Ride the Flash

Flash is the easy, convenient way to get around the Colesville Road/Columbia Pike Corridor. With frequent, reliable service, it’s a great option for any trip type, whether it is commuting during peak hours, picking up groceries midday, heading to local parks and trailheads, or going out to dinner in downtown Silver Spring.

Flash Service

Flash is ready when you are, with vehicles arriving every 15 minutes or less. Where routes overlap, service is every 7 -8 minutes during rush hour on weekdays.

Visual schedule of Flash service

Getting to Flash

  • Get to the conveniently located Flash stations in one of the following ways:
    • Walk, stroll, or e-scoot.
    • Ride your own bike and bring it on board or lock it up at the station bike rack.
    • Use Capital Bikeshare, use and return to one of the 10 new bikeshare docks near the stations.
    • Get dropped off or drive and park at one of the three stations with free Park and Ride lots (Burtonsville, Tech Road, and Briggs Chaney).
    • Transfer from the metro or local bus.

Flash Stations

The unique Flash station design makes them easy to find. They feature canopies and windscreens for weather protection, seating, a marker pole, and ticketing machines.

  • Other features include:
    • SmarTrip card readers are at the ends of each station for contactless pre-payment.
    • CityPost information kiosks with featuring local content, real-time bus information, and free wifi connectivity. For a touchless experience, scan the QR code on the screen with your camera app and navigate from your phone.
    • Real-time bus arrival signs telling you when the next Flash will arrive. When the blue marker starts flashing, your ride is just a moment away.
    • Inlaid mosaics on the station platforms created by local student apprentices with Arts on the Block.

Pay your Flash Fare

Get on Board

  • Flash stops for about 10 seconds per station.
  • Board through any of the three doors.
  • Flash provides full accessibility for wheelchairs, persons with disabilities, strollers, bikes, and carts. Wheelchairs and scooters should enter through the front door, and bikes should be walked on through the backdoor. Bikes can be easily secured on board the Flash.
  • Learn more about accessibility, bikes, and strollers on Flash.

Board FLASH through any of the three doors: front, center, or rear.

Enjoy the Ride

  • Flash stops at all stations on the route. No need to pull a bell cord. When the bus stops, simply exit through the nearest door.
  • Each station is announced and displayed on the information screen inside the vehicle.
  • Every Flash bus has free WiFi and USB outlets, so you can charge your phone and browse the web.
Flash stops at all stations along the route.