Streetery Update as of September 2022

The Streeteries were part of MCDOT’s Shared Streets program, which included smaller pockets designated for recreation during the pandemic and allowed businesses to use streetside parking spaces and sidewalks. 

Newell Street, Silver Spring

Newell Street will reopen to cars after Labor Day. However, it will close to vehicular traffic for scheduled public events throughout the year.

Read the MCDOT statement on the future of Newell Street here.

Price Avenue, Wheaton

Price Avenue will remain in operation as a Streetery for the foreseeable future.

The Mid-County RSC has indicated that it is looking to expand the Streetery to be more inclusive of bicyclists and walkers. A community meeting regarding the Streetery is planned for late September or early October to gather additional community feedback on ways to better accommodate pedestrian traffic.

This fall, the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) has planned repairs to its facilities that run under Price Avenue. The work may require WSSC to temporarily close the Streetery for a few days.

Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda

Norfolk Avenue will remain in operation as a Streetery, and closed to vehicles, for the foreseeable future.

Woodmont Avenue, Bethesda

Some or all of the Woodmont Avenue Streetery will be temporarily reorganized for the long-planned and partially constructed Woodmont Avenue Cycle Track construction. Construction is expected to commence in late September and is estimated to take two to four weeks.

Long-term decisions about the possible reopening of Woodmont Ave. have not been made. The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center has circulated a survey to gather feedback from residents and businesses. Survey results will be used in developing long-term plans.

MCDOT’s Shared Streets program supports residents and businesses by temporarily adjusting the use of public spaces to provide for in-street activities such as biking, walking, outdoor dining, and retail activity. All activity must comply with County and State of Maryland guidelines during the COVID-19 health crisis. Learn more.

Chris Conklin, MCDOT Director, at MCDOT's Shared Streets intitiative

Message from MCDOT Director Chris Conklin

"Safe and accessible public spaces are a critical aspect of community health and vibrancy. MCDOT understands that our public rights of way are a key resource for residents and businesses and that the best use of those spaces may shift under changing circumstances.  In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, I have directed our planners and engineers to think creatively about how we can adjust the use of our streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities to best serve today’s needs. As a result, we are implementing a new initiative—Shared Streets."

Family with child on bike

Adult with child on scooter; walker, biker, and person with dog; skateboarder; biker; two people walking with shopping bags