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MCDOT’s new Shared Streets program supports residents and businesses by temporarily adjusting uses of public spaces to provide for in-street activities such as biking, walking, outdoor dining, and retail activity. All activity must comply with County and State of Maryland guidelines during the COVID-19 health crisis. Learn more.

Chris Conklin, MCDOT Director, at MCDOT's Shared Streets intitiative

Message from MCDOT Director Chris Conklin

"Safe and accessible public spaces are a critical aspect of community health and vibrancy. MCDOT understands that our public rights of way are a key resource for residents and businesses, and that the best use of those spaces may shift under changing circumstances.

In response to the COVID-19 health crisis, I have directed our planners and engineers to think creatively about how we can adjust the use of our streets, sidewalks, and parking facilities to best serve today’s needs. As a result, we are implementing a new initiative—Shared Streets."

Family with child on bike

Many local restaurants and retail businesses will rely on curbside access and space for outdoor dining as they reopen and expand services. MCDOT is collaborating with representatives from local activity centers to facilitate the closure or restriction of roads to vehicles where feasible to support economic recovery.

Locations supported by other jurisdictions

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Map Legend & Info

  • Neighborhood Greenways in Purple
  • Street Closures in Red

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Text description of Shared Streets locations

Adult with child on scooter; walker, biker, and person with dog; skateboarder; biker; two people walking with shopping bags