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Montgomery Connects is the County’s digital equity and inclusion initiative. Our goal is to close the digital equity gap. We aspire to empower 100% of Montgomery County's residents and local businesses to be fully connected and engaged in our shared digital world. Leaping the digital divide requires access to a home computer; affordable high speed broadband and digital literacy training. Montgomery Connects leans into addressing all three of these needs. Montgomery Connects is operated by the Department of Technology & Enterprise Business Solutions (TEBS).  To help achieve this goal, Montgomery Connects has provided 50,000 new loaner Chromebook laptop computers to lower-income Montgomery County residents who do not have a computer for educational purposes. 
The Montgomery Connects – Computer For You program has now come to an end, as all 50,000 computers have been distributed!
We will be starting a new Maryland Connected Devices program in June 2023 that will provide one computer per address for households enrolled in benefit programs (such as SNAP, Medicaid, school lunch, Pell college grants), eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program broadband benefit, or earning up to 200% of the federal poverty rate ($29,160 for 1 person plus $10,280 for each additional person in the household). We will update our web page once the new program starts.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is my new Chromebook mine forever?   Montgomery County owns the computer for 3 years. The federal grant providing funding to purchase these computers requires this. County regulations will govern what happens to the loaned computer after 3 years.   

Can I sell my Chromebook?  No, you may not sell the Chromebook.  Montgomery County owns the Chromebooks for three years.  The County is loaning the Chromebook to you.  The loaned Chromebooks may not be resold during this time . If you attempt to sell the loaned computer while the County owns it, or attempt to receive more than one computer per person, the County may use your information to recover computers or take action against you. 

What if my Chomebook is damaged, lost, or stolen? You must report damaged, lost, or stolen computers to The County will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to repair or replace damaged or lost and stolen devices. If the loaned computer is returned to the County, the computer will be wiped clean of all data and the County has no responsibility to protect or recover removed data.  

How Can I Activate my ChromeBook?  You must have or create a Google account (which is different from a Google or other email). Instructions are available here in English and here in Spanish

How Do I Create An Email Account?   Follow these instructions  in English or in Spanish to create an email account. 

How Do I Find or Create a Library Card Number?  If you have not used your library card in the past two years, it may have been deactivated.  You can create a new digital library card here if your card has been deactivated or you cannot find it or you need a first time digital library card.  Here are instructions in English or in Spanish to create a digital library card.

Does the Chromebook come with tech support or software?  No, Montgomery County does not provide any tech support or software for loaned computers. The computer does not come with anti-virus protection. It is a Google Chromebook and will automatically load computer updates for you.

I don’t know how to set up my Chromebook.  How can I get help?  The County offers in-person and online technology training courses for people 50 years and older through the Senior Planet Montgomery program in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.  You can learn to use a computer, email, the internet, and more.  At the top of the Senior Planet webpage, under “Resources” you can find technology training videos and information or you can call the Senior Planet help line at 888-713-3495.  Here are basic instructions on how to use a Chromebookinstall Zoom, or set up email.

Why do you need my personal information?  How will it be used?
  • The County does not sell your data.
  • The County asks for your phone number and email to contact you as necessary and to transfer the computer warranty to you. Parents and caregivers may use their phone number and email for children and adults.
  • The County asks about the devices you own, benefit programs you may be enrolled in, as well as age, ethnicity, and gender to better understand the population receiving these devices.
  • Your address is used to verify that you are a Montgomery County resident and to understand how well computers are being distributed to areas of the County with most demand (based on Census and similar statistical data).
  • Your reported income may be used to prioritize distribution of computers to lower income residents.
  • The County does not report individually identifiable data to other agencies (meaning, for example, we do not report your individual income to any other agency but we may report the percentage of recipients with household income in a specific range).
  • The County reserves the right to email information about other digital equity technology training programs to computer recipients and use program demographic data to apply for more digital equity grants.

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