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As the weather becomes nice and you start to head outside again, you may notice that your yard needs some work. Some companies may even come to your door to offer their services.  Read our " Choosing a Lawn Service Company" web page for advice. 

Do not hire a company just because it is convenient and don't let a company pressure you into using their services. If the company is reputable they will supply you with the necessary information such as; license and contact information.

Before you hire a landscape or tree service company take your time and make sure you do the proper research. Make sure the company has the required licenses and check the company's complaint history with the Montgomery County Office of Consumer Protection (OCP):

  • Landscaping: Contact the  Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) at 410.230.6001 to see if the work that you want to have performed requires a license and if the company in question is licensed.  Home improvement includes bricklaying, excavating, sidewalks, decks, and fencing.
  • Pesticides: If a company is spraying pesticides, visit our  Pest Control page for additional information.  Contact the  Maryland Department of Agriculture at 410.841.5700 to make sure a company is properly licensed.

Tree care:

Tree care companies in Maryland must be licensed with the  Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  You can contact them at 410.260.8511.

Complaint History: Contact OCP at 240.777.3636 or access our   Merchant Complaint Database  to see how many complaints we have received against a company within the past three years.