Capt. D Francke
Assistant Chief
- Darren Francke

Assistant Chief - Darren Francke

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Dan Helton Email:​

The Management Services Bureau provides essential administrative and management support services to the Department and technical support to police operations through various types of technology, analysis, education, training, and maintenance of active and historical records and warrants. The Bureau is comprised of seven divisions.

Management and Budget Division

Mr. Dale Phillips, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5230

The Management and Budget Division is responsible for budget administration, financial management, fleet management, and procurement/logistics and consists of the following:

Communications Division

Ms. Cassandra Onley, Director
Main Number: 240-773-7000

The Communications Division operates 24/7 and is responsible for answering all 911 calls in Montgomery County, Maryland, and non-emergency police service calls (301-279-8000). Calls are screened, redirected, and dispatched as necessary.  Click here for information about calling 911. The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) consists of the following:

  • Call Take and Dispatch Operations Section
    • Training/Career Development Unit
  • Support Section
    • Professional Standards Unit
    • Quality Assurance Unit
    • Technology Systems/Research Development Unit

Information Management and Technology Division

Ms. Cathy LaDana, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5330

The Information Management and Technology Division (IMTD) provides all police technology services, including infrastructure and Applications Support, Records Management, Data Management, Message Routing, the Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU), Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) processing, and Warrant Management. The IMTD is responsible for the evaluation, procurement, installation, and maintenance of the Department's hardware, software, and wireless systems. The IMTD services and supports the Department's mobile data computers (MDC), and manages the repository of all official department-generated reports, statistics, and technology systems. The IMTD consists of the following:

  • Data Management and Analytics Section
    • Crime Analysis Unit
  • Service Delivery Section
  • Records Section 
    • MRC/TRU
    • Master Data Management Unit
      • Warrant Team
      • Quality Assurance
      • Expungement Team
      • Juvenile Arrest Disposition Team
    • MPIA/Subpoena Unit
      • Click here for MPIA Records Request Information

Personnel Division

Captain Michael Pratt, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5310

The Personnel Division handles recruitment and selection of police-specific job classes; provides technical assistance to the Chief of Police and Executive Staff on all personnel matters; coordinates the development and administration of all promotion examinations with the Office of Human Resources; and conducts pre-employment background investigations for all Police Department personnel. The Personnel Division Consists of the following:

  • Health and Wellness Unit
  • Recruitment Section 
    • Click here for information about Joining our Team!
  • Background Section
  • Payroll Management Unit
  • Volunteer Resources Section
  • Polygraph Section

Training and Education Division

Captain Ian Clark, Director
Main Number: 240-773-6900

The Training and Education Division is responsible for providing the training and performance evaluation of police recruits, developing and providing in-service training for sworn officers and professional staff, and managing other programs, including the Leadership Development Program, the Police Explorer Program, the Cadet Program, the Citizen and Community Academies. The Training and Education Division consists of the following:

  • Fundamental Training Section
    • Entry Level Training
    • Field Training
      • Police Explorer Program
      • Police Cadet Program
    • De-escalation and Force Training Unit
  • Continuing Education Section
    • In-Service Unit
    • Firearms Training
    • Leadership Development Unit
      • Citizen's Academy
      • Hispanic Academy
    • Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC) Unit

Click here for information about our Public Safety Training Academy. 

Legal and Labor Relations Division

Lieutenant Brian Merryman, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5003

The Legal and Labor Relations Division serves as a liaison to Team Member Unions, investigates and responds to Team Member grievances, trains supervisors in labor relations, and serves on the County Negotiation Team.

Capital Projects and Facilities Division

Mr. Michael Ma, Director
Main Number: 240-773-5238

The Capital Projects and Facilities Division manages the department's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) and coordinates police facility maintenance services.