hands chopping food

Let’s get cooking!

Have you ever sat home and watched a cooking show thinking "that would be awesome, but I’m never going to be able to do it". Cooking classes can be a fun, engaging way to learn new skills in a hands-on environment.

We offer a variety of hands-on cooking classes in themes ranging from seasonal cooking to global cuisine. Classes are focused on recipe nomenclature and basic knife skills. You’ll prepare extraordinary meals start to finish. The best way to learn is often by doing; picking up a new skill in the kitchen is no exception.  Register for a cooking class today!

man cooking


Here’s three reasons for you to learn to cook:

1. It saves you money.

We all know that eating out isn’t cheap. The money you spent on that one meal could’ve gone towards buying groceries for multiple meals!

2. It teaches family values and traditions.

Recipes and traditional foods have been passed down from generation to generation. Cooking can be a fun family activity!

3. The most important reason is health!

Control your food, control your health. You control the portion sizes and the ingredients.