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Make some music!

Music is a beautiful language with so many styles to explore. Join us and experience the enjoyment of music through lessons that develop skills, build confidence, and promote happiness—but most importantly, our lessons are fun! They inspire passion, creativity, and a deeper enjoyment of music in all ages and all skill levels.

Our experienced and qualified instructors provide a safe and positive learning environment. Getting started might feel like an enormous challenge, but we make the experience an easy and rewarding one. From beginner to advanced, our music instructors are experts, trained and experienced teachers for all ages and skill levels. Depending on your needs, instructors carefully guide beginner students, or take intermediate or advanced students to higher levels. Progress at your own pace.

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Think you could be the parent of a budding violinist? We start with the basic exercises, fundamentals, and provide the appropriate guidance to play easy songs.


Is your child a rising rock star? Kids learn how to read musical symbols and play basic cords and songs. Plus playing a guitar is really cool and fun!


If you love music and always wanted to play the piano, learning how is a rewarding endeavor. We offer piano classes for all ages and abilities that are engaging and fun.

4 Reasons to Play Music

1. Playing an instrument creates a sense of achievement.

You learn goal setting skills. When you achieve your goal, whether it’s learning a simply scale or complex concerto, there’s a sense of accomplishment for a job well done.

2. Playing an instrument teaches discpline.

Whether your new to playing or learning to master your instrument playing; it takes time, patience, and consistency.

3. Playing an instrument may help to relieve stress.

Life has many stressors. Music is one of life’s simple joys; it may help to calm the mind, body and spirit.

4. Playing an instrument is FUN!

Music is a wonderful gift to share with family and friends. It can open up a lot of good possibilities, that will help to enrich your life.

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