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The Senior Programs Team offers a wide-variety of health-related programs, lectures, and workshops throughout the year. Each center provides these programs and services based on the interests and needs of the community it serves. Health screenings are offered on a regular basis, and include: medication management workshops, blood pressure screenings, individual health counseling with a registered nurse, basic dental services (for low income individuals), flu shots, counseling services for the recently widowed, eye and hearing tests, and community health fairs. Please visit the webpage of the center nearest you for more information or call us at 240-777-4925 for additional information.

Checking Blood Pressure

Health Screenings

A wide-variety of health & wellness related screenings are offered on a regular basis throughout the year, ranging from blood pressure checks to one-on-one counseling sessions. We partner with many public and private organizations and individuals to provide health related information programs and services on a regular basis. Check out the individual newsletters of our Senior Centers to see what programs and services are up-coming or offered on a weekly or monthly basis, or call our main office at 240-777-4925 for additional information.

Seniors eating

Health Programs and Lectures

Our Senior Centers and 55+ Active Adult Programs offer a regular series of programs and lectures related to your personal health. A sampling of these may include programs on proper nutrition, heart health, fall prevention, Diabetes, proper exercises to maintain bone strength and muscle tone, questions to ask your doctor before a physical or office visit, and many other health related topics. Visit the Senior Center nearest you for a listing of upcoming programs and ongoing services.

Seniors exercise

Health Classes

Along with the regular schedule of health-related lectures, workshops, and clinics, we offer a variety of health classes. These generally vary in length from 4-12 weeks, depending on the class and subject matter. Strength & Balance, Fall Prevention and Chronic Disease Management are just a small sample of the classes we offer. Visit the Senior Center nearest you for a listing of upcoming programs and ongoing services.

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