Inclusion Services

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Montgomery County Recreation welcomes the opportunity to provide accommodations to individuals with disabilities. We encourage full participation and the facilitation of meaningful relationships between all participants involved in MCR programs. We support the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations are based on each individual’s abilities and needs.

Inclusion is the opportunity for participation in recreation programs alongside individuals without disabilities. Inclusion includes services such as interpreters, large print and auxiliary aids. Companions may support individuals with disabilities to participate in programs and facilities in an inclusive environment, but the structure of the activity, group size, participant to staff ratio, and age range remain the same.

Companions provide support, to individuals with disabilities, on an as needed basis. The goal of the companion is to assist in the inclusion of the individual into the program/camp/class. The emphasis is not to set the individual apart by giving special or unusual attention, but to create an atmosphere of friendship and positivity.

We highly recommend you send us your request 2-3 weeks in advance.

The process to request an accommodation:

  1. Register for ANY program/class/camp that MCR offers
  2. Email to make your request
  3. Fill out the applicable form(s):

We are committed to:

  • Providing the requested accommodation. Please note: companions are not guaranteed but every effort is made to provide one when requested.
  • Input Participant Profile Form information into a confidential database. This means you will only have to fill out the form once and only update if needed. The Participant Profile Form gives us additional information that can help both the companion and/or staff, ensuring everyone has a successful experience.