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Excel Beyond the Bell

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Excel Beyond the Bell gives you the time and place to try something new like creative arts, STEM, sports, or leadership. You can also take the time to better understand the subjects that you’re taking in school.

It also gives you the chance to meet other students with the same interests. Together you can get closer to your goals by brainstorming new ideas, solving problems, and gaining new experiences as a team. You might come for the extracurricular activities, but you’ll stay for the people you meet. Students at EBB get access to recreational and social programs, academic support, nutritious and delicious meals, and bus transportation to get home. The Excel Beyond the Bell program is a partnership with Montgomery County Recreation, Montgomery County Public Schools, and the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families.

For more information about professional development opportunities, please visit the Montgomery County Collaboration Council’s website at www.excelbeyondthebell.org.

Excel Beyond The Bell Schools

A. Mario Loiederman Middle School
12701 Goodhill Road | Silver Spring, MD 20906
Tel: 240-740-5830 | Fax: 301-962-5993
[email protected]

Argyle Middle School
2400 Bel Pre Road | Silver Spring, MD 20906
Tel: 240-740-6370 | Fax: 301-460-2423
[email protected]

Roberto Clemente Middle School
18808 Waring Station Road | Germantown, MD 20874
Tel: 301-284-4750 | Fax: 301-601-0370
[email protected]

Forest Oak Middle School
651 Saybrooke Oaks Blvd | Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Tel: 301 670-8242 | Fax: 301-840-5322
[email protected]

Francis Scott Key Middle School
910 Schindler Dr. | Silver Spring, MD 20903
Tel: 301 422-5600 | Fax: 301-434-1375
[email protected]

Odessa Shannon Middle School
11800 Monticello Avenue | Silver Spring, MD 20902
Tel: 240-740-4150 | Fax: 301-649-8110
[email protected]

Montgomery Village Middle School
19300 Watkins Mill Road | Montgomery Village, MD 20886
Tel: 240-740-6720 | Fax: 301-840-6388
[email protected]

Neelsville Middle School
11700 Neelsville Church Road | Germantown, MD 20874
Tel: 301-353-8064 | Fax: 301-353-8094
[email protected]