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MCDOT Snow Operations Tracking Help

About This Guide
Usage Tips
Common Problems / Troubleshooting

About This Guide

MCDOT has developed this online Snow Operations Tracking system to provide quick access to information about winter weather road treatment operations. Check this tracking system from the County’s website when MCDOT is mobilized for a winter weather event (during freezing precipitation or an accumulation of snow). The website will allow you to:

  1. View the status of winter event operations;
  2. Check the status of neighborhood plowing for specific address;
    • Find out whether a street is maintained by County
    • Find out about a County-maintained street's treatment priority;
  3. Request services:
    • Report mailbox damage by County snow equipment;
    • Request spot sanding for icy sections of County-maintained roads;
    • Report that a County-maintained street may have been missed for road treatment

Usage Tips 

Completing Online Forms

When entering an address or location information, we recommend  entering required fields only -- the street number and the street name fields.

Use the Street Prefix, Street Type, and Zip Code only if the system returns multiple results and you cannot easily determine which address applies to you

REMEMBER: do not enter more than one type for information in a field. For example, do not enter  and  in the Street Number field.

System Steps

Follow these four simple steps to use the Snow Operations Tracking System :

    1. Choose a tool on the main page.
    2. Complete the location and/or contact information. Be sure to include contact information for any Service Request (Missed Street, Mailbox Damage, or Spot Sanding).
    3. Confirm the address by clicking CHOOSE when more than one address option is returned by the system.
    4. View a map of the street segment (or street intersection) that matches the address (or crossing streets) you entered (OPTIONAL).

Determining Maintenance Responsibility and Treatment Priority

After completing any information or service request form the system will inform you if the street is not maintained by the County. Possible responses include:

  • State Highway Administration;
  • Municipal maintenance (please see the " Who Plows Snow" web page for list of municipalities that clear snow);
  • Private maintenance.

For streets that are County maintained the system will indicate whether the street is an  Emergency Route or  Primary Neighborhood Route. If there is no designation, then the street is a  Neighborhood Plow Route.  See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information about priority of treatment for streets.

Navigating Pages

The Snow Operations Tracking System provides basic links to enable users to return to the main page, access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MCDOT winter weather operations, and access this help page. Look for these links are always located at the upper-right corner of the Snow Operations Tracking section of the web page.

When viewing a map of the address you have chosen, there is a link back to the Snow Operations Tracking home page below the map.

Common Problems / Troubleshooting 

Q. No links on the main Snow Tracking page work.
A. When MCDOT’s Division of Operations is not mobilized for a winter weather event or no storm is in progress, the Tracking System is turned off and you will receive the following message: "Thank you for your inquiry. There is no winter storm at this time."

Q. The application tells me that the street address I entered doesn't exist - I know it does..!
A. Check to make sure the address information you entered is correct. Here’s some tips:

  1. Make sure only one type of information has been entered in each field, e.g.  , or  have not all been entered in the STREET NUMBER field.
  2. Double check that information entered into the form is correct: street number, street name spelled correctly, etc.
  3. Consider using ONLY the required address fields (those in red): Street Number & Street Name
    In rare cases it may be possible that the street in question is not in the Snow Tracking System's street database.

Q. The pages take a long time to load --why?
A. A user's individual network speed will affect the way the system performs (e.g. dial-up internet access vs. broadband). During periods of extremely heavy demand the Snow Tracking System may slow down.

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