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Support services to help you fulfill your role as a Guardian

Court-Appointed Counsel for Alleged Disabled Persons and Guardian of Property: Policy and Procedures, Form Orders and Approved Attorneys

The Adult Guardianship Assistance Program is designed to help guardians successfully fulfill their responsibilities.

Most people who are appointed as a guardian have never been in this position before. Guardians may not fully understand what they are required to do, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if they have other personal and professional obligations.

Additionally, guardians may not be aware of the range of public and private resources that are available to answer their questions and provide assistance.

Guardians are not in this alone. The Adult Guardianship Assistance Program was created specifically to help ensure that guardians have the knowledge and resources to help them provide the best service possible to the person under guardianship.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has been appointed guardian of a person, and the person under guardianship lives in Montgomery County.

How does the Program work?

A Court-appointed Visitor will be assigned to a case in which a guardian of the person has been appointed. The Court-appointed Visitor will meet with the guardian, the ward (the person under guardianship), and other people involved in the ward’s daily care to gather information about his/her living and care arrangements. If needed, the visitor will make recommendations to the guardian to ensure that he/she is fulfilling the duties.

What can the Court-appointed Visitor do?

Most importantly, the Court-appointed Visitor will make sure the guardian knows and understands the duties and responsibilities of being a guardian, such as the reporting requirements to the Court.
The Court-appointed Visitor will help identify services and other resources to assist the guardian fulfill their responsibilities. The visitor can help connect the guardian with programs sponsored by the Aging and Disability Resource Unit, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and other nonprofits and service providers throughout the County. Examples include transportation services, answers to Medicare and Medicaid questions, housing options, respite care services.

What can the Court-appointed Visitor NOT do?

The Court-appointed Visitor may not:

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For more information, contact:
Montgomery County Circuit Court
Adult Guardianship Assistance Program
50 Maryland Avenue, South Tower, Room 1500
Rockville, MD 20850

Resources for Guardians

Aging and Disability Resource Unit, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Address: 401 Hungerford Drive, #3, Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 240-777-3000
Information and/or assistance for seniors, persons with disabilities, and/or caregivers.

Maryland Access Point

Provides a searchable directory to help you find information about community services like assisted living, meals, medication management, Medicare, Medicaid, caregiver support, transportation, and in-home care.


311 is Montgomery County Government’s telephone number to find government programs and services.

Adult Guardianship Self-Help Videos

Fee Panel Policy in Guardianship Cases

In guardianship matters, requests for attorney’s fees for the Alleged Disabled Person or fees for the Guardian of the Property shall be referred to the Guardianship Case Manager, who will review the requests and any responses thereto.

After review, the Guardianship Case Manager will refer the request to a member of the Guardianship Fee Review Panel (Judge Bair, Judge Callahan, and Judge Jordan).

If the Guardianship Fee Panel Judge determines that a hearing is necessary, the hearing will be set on that judge’s docket.

Court-Appointed Counsel for Alleged Disabled Persons and Approved Guardians of Property

NOTE:  The following list is in alphabetical order; the Court makes no representation as to the competency of a particular attorney, but only that each attorney has completed the mandatory training and complied with the Policy and Procedures established by the Circuit Court for Montgomery County for appointment of Court-Appointed Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person and Guardian of Property.

It is anticipated that additional attorneys who have completed training and are eligible for appointment will be added to the list.

**Court appointed Counsel for the Alleged Disabled Person only and NOT Guardian of Property


Attorneys with More than 10 Years of Practice Experience

Attorneys with More than 10 Years of Practice Experience
Name Telephone Number Resume
Asher, Howard (301)588-4888 Resume of Asher, Howard
Astrove, Lyda
**Court appointed Counsel only
and NOT Guardian of Property
(301)340-9521 Resume of Astrove, Lyda
Bach, David


Resume of Bach, David
Bienstock, Steven 301-251-1600 Resume of Bienstock,Steven
Bogin, Matthew (301)656-1755 Resume of Bogin, Matthew
Bullman, Barbara (301)251-1458 Resume of Bullman, Barbara
Butler, Theresa (301)933-6400 Resume of Butler, Theresa
Campbell, Mary (410)960-3169 Resume of Campbell, Mary
Caporaletti, Wanda (240)453-9191 Resume of Caporaletti, Wanda
Carlin, Brian (301)656-3800 Resume of Carlin, Brian
Christopher, Julie


Christopher, Julie
Coggins, Douglas

(301) 294-4050 X30

Resume of Coggins, Douglas
Cohen, Steven

(301) 989-9090

Resume of Cohen, Steven
Cooper, Wayne

(240) 326-3760

Resume of Cooper,Wayne
Diamant, Sharon
*Speaks Spanish and Hebrew


Resume of Diamant, Sharon
Elville, Steve


Resume of Elville, Steve
Fink, Stephanie


Resume of Fink, Stephanie
Fogel, Jo Benson (301)468-2288 Resume of Fogel, Benson
Gardner, David (301)762-8475 Resume of Gardner, David
Gomez, Luis
*Speaks Spanish
(301)762-8011 Resume of Gomez,Luis
Hammond, Jeffrey (301)861-4555 Resume of Hammond, Jeffrey
Helwig, Nina (301)424-1232 Resume of Helwig, Nina
Henry, William (301)251-6120 Resume of Henry, William
Johnson, Cheryl (240)988-5530 Resumeof Johnson, Cheryl
Karasik, Phillip
*Speaks Spanish
(301)654-0154 Resumeof Karasik, Phillip
Klein, Morris (301)965-4462 Resumeof Klein, Morris
Lappen, Arthur (301)657-6264 Resume of Lappen, Arthur
Link, Richard (240)453-9191 Resume of Link, Richard
Lippman, Rebecca (301)365-1451 Resume of Lippman, Rebecca
Loggia, Elizabeth (301)762-1696 Resume of Loggia Elizabeth
Marshall, John (301)340-3200 Resume of Marshall, John
McAuliffe, Michael (301)762-1696 Resume of McAuliffe, Michael
McCarthy, Robert (301)654-3730 Resume of McCarthy, Robert
McQueen, Catherine (240)507-1718 Resume of McQueen, Catherine
Mehigan, Heather (301)230-5200 Resume of Mehigan, Heather
Modell, David (301)634-9820 Resume of Modell, David
Murnane, Andrew


Resume of Murnane, Andrew
Nash, Henry (301)998-6111 Resume of Nash, Henry
Parvis, Lindsay (301)340-9090 Resume of Parvis, Lindsay
Pierre, Marilynn (301)279-9020  
Plotkin, Robert (301)279-7389 Resume of Plotkin, Robert
Price, Timothy (301)762-1696 Resume of Price, Timothy
Rochvarg, Ria
**Court appointed Counsel only
and NOT Guardian of Property
(410)313-9725 Resume of Planta,William
Simmons, William (301)933-6400 Resume of Simmons, William
Sinay, Michael (301)986-7900 Resume of Sinay, Michael
Skolnick, Shelton (301)352-0200 Resume of Skolnick, Shelton
Smith, Karen (240)338-0180 Resume of Smith, Karen
Snee, Sheryl (410)740-7418 Resume of Snee, Sheryl
Stein, Theodore (301)469-3350 Resume of Stein, Theodore
Sunderman, Heather (301)664-7710 Resume of Sunderman, Heather
Sweeney, Bernadette (301)294-7200 Resume of Sweeney, Bernadette
Wilson, Tammy (301)657-8808 Resume of Wilson, Tammy
Terenzini, Eden (301)657-8808 Resume of Terenzini, Eden

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Attorneys with 7-10 Years of Practice Experience

Attorneys with7-10 Years of Practice Experience
Name Telephone Number Resume
Adams, Shanice (202)489-4208 Resume of Adams, Shanice
Alegi, Karen (240)489-3428 Resume of Alegi, Karen
Conroy, Aindrea (301)762-1696 Resume of Conroy, Aindrea
Davis, Kelly (301)231-0957 Resume of Davis_kelly
Foote, William D. Jr. (301)251-5660 Resume of Hughes, Christina
Gary, Diana (301)294-2334 Resume of Gary, Diana
Huges, Christina (301)652-7595 Resume of Hughes, Christina
Hunter-Green, Michelle (301)230-5200 Resume of Hunter Green, Michelle
Knepper, Donald (301)765-4473 Resume of Knepper, Donald
Markham, Jessica
*speaks Spanish
(301)986-7900 Resume of Markham, Jessica
McDonough, Kathryn S.
*speaks Spanish
(301)563-6685 Resume of Knepper, Donald
Nichols, Pilar
*speaks Spanish
(301)762-8999 Resume of Nichols, Pilar
Siribuo, Augusta (240)291-4952 Resume of Siribuo, Augusta
Weber, Julie (301)850-3387 Resume of Weber, Julie

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Attorneys with 3-6 Years of Practice Experience

Attorneys with 3-6 Years of Practice Experience
Name Telephone Number Resume
Coleman, LaTosha (301)340-1616 Resume of Coleman, LaTosha
Parsi, Shireen (301)762-8011 Resume of Parsi, Shireen
Schiffer, Jennifer (301)986-5570 Resume of Schiffer, Jennifer
Simon, Stacie (202)452-0000 Resume of Simon, Stacie
Singer, Kelly (301)704-5346 Resume of Singer, Kelley
Wu, Melissa (240) 505-8649 Resume of Melissa Wu

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