Land Records

The surcharge for all Land Records recordings will remain $40 after July 1, 2020. For more information, visit

The Land Records consist of four offices:

Land Records Public Information Room
*office where you obtain information on land documents

Land Records Recording Department
*office where you take documents to be recorded in the Land Records

Land Records Indexing Department
*this office indexes all land record documents by grantor/grantee name

Land Records Duplication Department
*this office makes copies/certified copies of any document recorded in the Land Records

Land Records Public Information Room

LOCATION:  North Tower 2nd Floor, Rm 2120

HOURS:  Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm (Note: the hours to record a document are 8:30am - 4:00pm)

The public can view all instruments related to land transactions recorded in the Circuit Court Land Records Department-all instruments are available online and computers are available in the Public information room to view and copy instruments related to land records in Montgomery County as well as other counties in the State of Maryland through including – Land, Condominium plats, sub-division plats, liens, judgments and any financing statements recorded in land. is currently free and can be accessed through your home or office computer. When you access this service for the first time you will be required to fill out an application for login (note: a valid e-mail address is required). You will receive a password via e-mail within approximately 1 hour of completing the application on a normal business day. Once you are logged into the system, you can search the land records by name, liber/folio, or tax account number and you also have the option of printing the documents.

The Equity Index Books from the years 1777 to 1981 are now housed at the Maryland State Archives. The indexes are available online at the Maryland State archives website at

Once you are at the website go to:

Guide to Government Resources
Series ID# T5190
Scroll down to view books

Plats are also accessible from the website,, a digital image reference system for Land Survey, Subdivision and Condominium Plats. PLEASE NOTE WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO INDIVIDUAL HOUSE PLATS/HOUSE LOCATION PLATS.

Please contact the Maryland State Archvies Help Desk @ 410-260-6487 for questions regarding and

Land records books

The Land Records Department handles all matters relating to real estate transactions. The Department holds some of the most important records created by the government, which date as far back as July 1777. These land records are publicly accessible through the Internet, as well as at the department.

Additional Important Information about Land Records:

The Indexing Department indexes all documents recorded in the Land Records Recording Department. Each document is indexed by the name of the individual appearing on the document (i.e., grantor=person selling or giving, grantee=person buying or receiving), the liber and folio, and the type of document. All names are indexed alphabetically into the computer. All indexes are proofed for accuracy before finalizing.

The Recording Department records deeds, deeds of trust, leases, assignments, powers of attorney, etc. The recording of documents is transacted by the public and/or by mail. Immediately after receiving a document, the Recording Clerk calculates the fees and taxes and stamps the document to indicate the day and time of filing.

After a liber (book) and folio (page) has been located, the documents may be viewed on the computer. Duplication staff can make copies (including certified copies) of any documents. The staff can also provide triple seals of any instruments recorded in the Land Records Department. Self-service of regular copies is also available, but you must purchase a Quick Key to unlock images and duplicate documents. The Key is available for purchase from the Duplications Department (North Tower, Rm 2300). You may add money to your Key at any time during normal business hours. If you have any questions, call Duplications staff at 240-777-9480.

Copy fees can be paid by cash or check, not credit cards.

Regular & self-service copies: 50 cents per page

Certified copies: $5 for certification + 50 cents per page

Triple seals: $10 for the seal + 50 cents per page

The Montgomery County Department of Finance (240-777-8860), located at 27 Courthouse Square, Suite 221, Rockville, MD 20850, transfers all deeds.

All deeds with agricultural use and partial transfers must go through the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, located at 30 West Gude Drive, Suite 400, Rockville, MD 20850. They can be reached via phone at 240-314-4510 for residential properties and 240-314-4530 for commercial properties.

Any deed or document that affects a change of ownership must be accompanied by: (1) a completed Intake Sheet; (2) a copy of the deed for submission to the Department of Assessments and Taxation; and (3) an affidavit of residency and/or a Maryland Form MW 506 NRS, for non-resident sale of property. You may obtain information on the affidavit of residency and/or a Maryland Form MW 506 NRS by calling 1-800-MDTAXES or from the Maryland Comptroller’s website.

The deed must have a Certification of Preparation. The attorney who prepared the document or one of the parties named in the instrument must sign the Certificate.

The grantors (sellers) must sign the deed, which should be acknowledged before a Notary Public.

The parcel ID# must be typed or printed on the deed. The parcel ID# is located in the upper right corner of your tax bill. It would be the same as your account number.

Deeds can be submitted to the County Department of Finance electronically, but they will have to be provided to the Circuit Court in paper form.

Recording fees can be paid by cash or check, not credit cards.

There is a recording fee of $20 for any deed 9 pages or less in length if it involves solely a principal residence. The fee for any other deed, 10 pages or more in length, is $75.

There is a $40 surcharge for all documents except Notice of Sales, Power of Attorney, Assumption Agreements, and Transfer of Development Rights.

State transfer taxes are figured at ½ of 1 % (.005) of the consideration amount. State transfer taxes are collected only on deeds and leases.

There is a .25% state transfer tax rate for first-time Maryland homebuyers purchasing a principal place of residence. If there are multiple grantees on the deed, all must be either first-time Maryland homebuyers acquiring their principal residence or persons joined in the deed and purchase money mortgage/deed of trust as co-makers or guarantors. To qualify for this exemption, each grantee must provide a statement under oath, signed by the grantee, stating that the grantee is a first-time Maryland homebuyer who will occupy the residence as a principal residence, or is a co-maker or guarantor of the purchase money mortgage/deed of trust who will not occupy the residence as a principal residence.

A statement of the amount of the actual consideration to be paid, if any, including the amount of any mortgage or deed of trust assumed by the grantee, shall either be included in every taxable instrument offered for record as part of its recitals or as part of the acknowledgment, or be contained in a separate affidavit accompanying the instrument. The affidavit is to be signed under the penalties of perjury by a party to the instrument or the agent of such party.

If you have any legal questions, please contact an attorney.

Release (lien removal) 9 pages or less in length: $10

Notice of sale: $15

Power of attorney: $20

Any other document 9 pages or less in length or any document over nine 9 pages in length if it involves solely a principal residence: $20

Any other document 10 pages or more in length: $75

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